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Non-existent here. I run a Chatzy room, roleplay, and occasionally make art now.
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I'll join if it's still going. Doubt anyone remembers me but eh. Also, since Discord's mentioned, I'll drop my tag again. Probably a furry#2709
Been a while...
In case anyone remembers me, I used to come here occasionally... maybe two years ago or so? Longer even? It seems a lot of the crew has long since left. If anyone is interested in getting ahold of me, my Discord is "Probably a furry#2709". I run a Chatzy room now and am a Media Arts major, so my art has vastly improved, though still nowhere near what I'd like.

PS: Shakes, your art is adorable <3
>Zigzagoon: Eat all the flowers to grow in strength. Taxi: Think of a good drink to go with the dessert
@Therater2: Zigzagoom? Is there ANOTHER new porcupine??
Bonus command:
>Convince yourself that you'll learn the ancient Projectile Summon technique after the date.
This is officially the best page yet
>Summon Zigzagoon and have her grow a Gracidea flower to give to your lovely date. After, unsummon her and let her return to her quest.
@MasterComic: That said, I do have a question you can add: "Zaloom is the best!"
@MasterComic: I don't really know what to add for a FAQ page, but I feel like a bio page, inventory page, and/or summon list would be more important.
>Sign a blood pact with Zigzagoon, then change into Sheogorath's robes from Oblivion. Gotta look extra fancy for the date!
@MasterComic: I made a slight edit to my post in case you didn't see it.
I wonder what will happen to the peg leg after he summons himself...