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just your regular idiot XD
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Heyyy, that's pretty good!
@Xnightblade: it's a guest comic be polite. It may not be up to your standards but the person worked hard on it and their probably a beginner. Be nice :)
I remember a long time ago. It was summer 2013. I saw these comics after taking my final semester final. Instantly fell in love with the art style the eevee and the random humor of the comic that never took itself so seriously. I didn't really comment or anything and assumed the comic was dead for some reason. I would rediscover the comic later and I just want to say I'm proud of how far the author of this comic has gone. Just look at the last comic and my profile pic. They looks so different. The author (Tina) has also been a very good friend to me over the years and I had some important conversations. I just would like to say thank you for these three great years and the fourth one to come

Now 2016
Uhh.... Also may I keep my eevees (bracken and swift run)
Oh scaring the shit out of people when you show how scary you can actually be. Their laugh first because they think your trying to be scary but that becomes a nervous laugh quickly... And then I won the chess game me and my opponent were playing and its back to normal lolz.
These story books remind me a lot of the ones from super Mario Galaxy. In art style differing and revealing a more painful backstory
Damn only background eevees. Wonder what she's up to with that comic. Hmmmm
@Sucking Chest Wound: All Aps are designed to be challenging (unless you are a fluent speaker taking that ap class) as they are not high school curriculum but instead college ones. Having a good teacher is also critical to your success in Aps. The most important thing is working hard everyday in the AP classes as generally your grade reflects your ap score(generally A is 5, B4, C3 ) Most colleges require a 3 or a 4 on an ap test to accept ap credit. Also if one is struggling on said ap course it may not be wise to try and pass the ap test especially if it is something you want to major in because you are skipping a skill you haven't learned that you need to master for your degree. Keep in mind that ap and honors are different things. Another good
Thing about ap tests is they boost your gpa by a full letter grade
So now this comic supports genetic inbreeding (joke)
@Blizzard: hyperbole but i think you get what she is saying. their is an excess of comments
*munches on a cookie while reading this comic*
wonder who did it
look my eevee is in the comic.
@pinkeeveefan: ...well that's breaking rp rules, controlling other people's characters...
first panel look closely in the bottom right corner and you will see in red a graffiti eevee with LKD underneath (Levin Kevin Devin)
@Pinkeevee222: see what you did with the layout. looks nice
oh pinkeevee i like what you did, developing daisy before her secrets comic
@Pinkeevee222: ummmm alt text comic 46? that explains who this mysterious figure is?
surprised that noone really has read all the alt texts. it explains, or hints at, or foreshadows a lot of events
@Spice!: its a reference to dragon ball z. going super saeyan. eyes turning yellow (or hair as in DBZ)
@Mean bean: *scaredy is not even a word. frightful is equivalent in meaning and a word
umbreon should reveal his final form