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Monks Hand Games
Architect and urban planner by day, gaming nerd by night. Currently, a gaming nerd deeply involved in developing his own tabletop RPG, with the intent of retail release in 2017. It's in open beta now, so e-mail me if you would like a .pdf open beta copy of your own!
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@Psych: Just on my feet. And I'm not a cow.
She has fur...yet she's wearing fur. What.
I can has translation?
I like to think that "Nya nya, meow meow blech" means, "up yours, jerkface!"
That's a LOT of orange...
Happy birthday!
And all that!
His definition of majestic and mine differ somewhat.
He tackles richy food like I do- with gusto and a marked lack of decorum.
@Drifter: Here comes the pain train!
A face only a mother could love
Man. When the blind character thinks you're are UG-LEE
She shall now be known as Lexi the Unintentionally Rude Hound
@Psych: Lucky for him it wasn't consecutive normal punches.
Callate, pendejo!
Ooh, now say, "Take a hike and get your own cluck cluck!" in Spinash!
Keepin' it real
Straight talk!
Cameos everywhere!
I'm surprised that Chopper and Meow aren't there... or alien capybara girl
Shut yo mouf
It means Rose is totes adorbs, that's what it means!
Damn, son
@5th Earth: and here I am on a diet :(

It's not quite characuterie, and not quite crudites...
Reckless husbandry. My new favorite term / concept
A sort of Tragedy of the Commons scenario!
@Zvere: That's right. Silly NPC, you got no chance, thousand blades or not!
Willa vs Rose? How am I supposed to choose just one?!