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I'm probably the only aspiring comic artist currently living in Boulder, Utah. I work at a restaurant, stay up all night reading sci-fi and cry while watching children's cartoon shows. I can hike ten miles in half a day, with good company.
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    Phoenix Renee
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First comment! Hee hee.

Since I last commented I've finally found an RSS compiler to keep track of the fifty comics I read/have read, so now I don't have to login here to find out if Loud Era has updated! But I hadn't checked in a while so I was worried you'd thrown in the towel this year. So...hooray for 2019 updates!! So glad you're still working on this.

I reread bits and pieces of the comic too, trying to get back into it, and was just overwhelmed with how good everything was. Man, this page was so delightful. I love it when Eddie gets a break--weird, awkward, oblivious Eddie. It's so satisfying to see somebody you know has a secret talent suddenly wow the world with it. I kinda hope he eventually gets some romance. That'd be...interesting :)

I reread some of the bits about Marie & Eddie (while trying to remember WHY it was so awful to her that the obnoxious farmhand looks so much like him) and found them even more moving because I realized that if it had been me in high school with Eddie, put in the same situations, I probably would have had the exact same feelings--and acted on them in the exact same hopeless, confused, socially inept way. Marie is so much like high-school me, down to being the tiny girl with the blonde hair cut weirdly short. And Eddie, well, he's charmingly dysfunctional. And tall. <3

Dropping a comment here to encourage you to keep going, and just remind you how much I adore these characters! Thanks so much for keeping up with your comic!
My first thought here was, "Marie," in that very loving and frustrated tone of a friend, as though she's some person i've known for a long time and have just got back to...only to see that she's the same loveable moron she always was.

I just read your 'final 2016' post and am so happy that you're going to be continuing work! Your comic inspires me (to persevere in my art projects, and to do more art in traditional media), and I think it's one of the most interesting underrepresented comics out there, and I'm so glad I found it, and so glad you keep working year after year. Hooray! I look forward to new pages as always. I feel as though these characters remind me of my friends in high school in the best way, with their closeness, their quirks, and the things that drive them apart... and i feel like i know each of them a little better each page.

I'm just gonna gush here, obviously... so just, yay for new pages!
OMG, this puts all of Cecilia's behavior in her friend group in SO MUCH CONTEXT.

you go girl.
@mitchellbravo: Thanks for the comment! I'm really still at this 'i can use different colors for the lines and the spaces...??' stage... mostly with markers. I also enjoy how you use different media to create textures. Layering one color on top of another is something i need to try more often, perhaps with more mixed media as well. It definitely makes a distinctive look.

Harmony between different parts of the page, huh? that's a good idea too. where do you get your coloring ideas? tutorials, your head??
It might not be how you pictured it, but I think this page is lovely. As a person who is now struggling to learn to color in traditional media, i keep looking at your pages and being like.... how did they get THAT to do THAT....

anyway, THAT and THAT have looked pretty good in all the new updates!!
your disclaimer made me giggle.

I like the slightly kind of uncomfortable direction this is going.
omg, it's so good to see more comics! i'm so glad you're still working even though it's sometimes difficult and takes a long time. ( i feel this way about my fanfiction, heh.)

tone and character shifts is weird. it's hard for me to imagine you having to change things so much simply because to me the characters feel so real and three-dimensional it's hard to imagine needing a stable 'relationship' with them to want to continue their stories.... which i think sounds strange, because obviously that is one of the most important things about any writing. Changing as a person is going to affect your writing regardless, i suppose. I'm very curious to see if the shift is noticeable.

On the topic of this page, the first panel is really lush and beautifully shaded! admit it, you still got it!
So glad to check up and see new pages! can i just say i love her hat hair :D
Oh, hooray for having emotional issues and seeking help for them and coming through them!! (That sounds like sarcasm, but it's not, it's really not. I wish that many of my friends would be as open and real about it.) I'm glad to hear you're doing better and can update again!! Definitely not falling off the LE boat. :) And feelings, they are always an issue, yeah?? ANyway you're making me have good feelings by updating again, and i hope that the new way of working on pages helps you out.

Marie!! OMG, her mother?grandmother? has HER SAME NOSE. I like this detail.

Glad to see updates! hooray!
September 7th, 2015
Ohh, such a lovely ending! I just caught up with everything now, though i wasn't far from the end when I left off, i guess. Thanks for this lovely thing. It was beautifully written and drawn, and I really enjoy the character interactions. Will totally be looking for more of your stuff later! :D
oh, i enjoyed the colors, though! didn't seem garish at all. The shadow on Leon's suit is ultra swanky.
Despite that i think you're a bit right about something being off about the way you did this page--like, maybe the pictures of the guys are too small in relation to the train tracks?--i really enjoy it overall. The concept pulls together so nicely, and you can see all their various hopes and dreams and situations culminating in this moment. Super duper thematic...and feelsy and stuff! :P Hooray for updates, btw!
wow, that color! great!

Also yeah, stay strong on that grad school thing!! we want you to be around and make comics! I hope that you're not too overworked and such. school and work and comics is a not promising but doable situation :P
Besides everything, my favorite part about this strip is that Leon uses 'panty-waist' as an insult (albeit a loving one)
@MistyTang: Characters make horrid toothy fake smiles in lackadaisy on an alarmingly regular basis.
This one is totally worthy of it, haha.
Ahaha, that's adorable. And slightly reminscent of Lackadaisy, for a minute there (if you happen to read that comic.) I really enjoy Eirlys's face BEFORE she starts to smile--it's very open, for a moment. It's definitely the more real expression, of the two. :)
I am...very much not surprised.

But i really enjoy the way you interjected the comment into the panels with the dark space. it's not overdramatic, but very fitting. :)
December 11th, 2014
Last panel: heartbreaking face. It's so simple, and very similar to the previous panel, but a great moment.
December 11th, 2014
Ahaha, liquid courage.
Eirlys definitely looks better when she's not glaring. Not glaring is a good look for her. :D