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Hay.welcome to my web.
I like Kirby' and other

and I like drawing and writing
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Panel 3: Kaxo and Saia Sitting in the tree ~ K I S S I N G~
So? Who's winning the cuteness contest?
Don`t tell me, Dark mind? (-_-)
You are evil D:> I love they both together
Kirby story will be not complete without Keeby XD
NOOOOO!!!WHYYYYY??!!!! :''(
And everyone is dead,the end.Everyone out
I want be Top Comment man :(
Meta and Galacta look so cute in panel 5 :3
He was easy boss in KSS(Kirby Squeak squad) if you beat him you can have free UFO ability
@CapedLuigisYoshi: oh, yeah and bit so smaller size (and I think Bata not show his grumpy face often :p)
Good,I forget which is Bata and Kirby since this comic never update -_-||
I know that he will die (T_T)
I keep felling that
Galacta knight?!
I don't know why,but why I am fell Halzen will die for shappire ?
How you can find that KRC(Kirby Rainbow curse) thing?
Oh Finally (^o^)
Thank you for update
It is just me or kurie Face in panel 3 look so cute and tiny?
@DiegoAnds: please!Update This comic >_<
Panel 5: forth wall is breaking*get cement*