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I just found this comics and it looks pretty cool so far! So you just got another fan
Looking good! I am curious how this will look like. So you got a fan ;)
I really like both Rachel and Charlie so far! They are pretty cool :)
Heh I like how Miku just grabbed Haruki
Nice page. I really like first and last panel. I really would like to see this every week but I understand that its hard to have enough free time because of school...
Yay new page!
Also yay first! :D Failed twice? This is interesting change... You usualy see that everyone did it on first try. Good idea I like the story more and more! :)
I just found this comics and it looks cool! I love your art style and story sounds interesting too! Do you think that you could in future update every week? I am so curious about this so it would be nice :) also you just got a new fan ;)
August 24th, 2015
Do you plan to update every week or just from time to time? It would be cool if you could update every week :)
Is it just me or the art style looks different? Its like more detailed... shades etc.
August 11th, 2015
This comics is pretty cool so far! I hope you will update more often ;)
August 3rd, 2015
Hey! I just found this comics and I really like your style so far! I am curious what the story will be like :)