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I just found this comics and it looks pretty cool so far! So you just got another fan
Looking good! I am curious how this will look like. So you got a fan ;)
I really like both Rachel and Charlie so far! They are pretty cool :)
Heh I like how Miku just grabbed Haruki
Nice page. I really like first and last panel. I really would like to see this every week but I understand that its hard to have enough free time because of school...
Yay new page!
Also yay first! :D Failed twice? This is interesting change... You usualy see that everyone did it on first try. Good idea I like the story more and more! :)
This battle looks nice! Also those wings are pretty cool
I just found this comics and it looks cool! I love your art style and story sounds interesting too! Do you think that you could in future update every week? I am so curious about this so it would be nice :) also you just got a new fan ;)
@VelvetRainbow: no problem. And btw you said that Miku isnt eeveelution... so I wonder does he have some evolution or is this his only form?
August 24th, 2015
Do you plan to update every week or just from time to time? It would be cool if you could update every week :)
Cool! I am curious how the battle will look like. Also I like that last panel.
@VelvetRainbow: nice I hope you wont stop updating like a lot of other comics there ;)
This comics looks cool so far! I like the little art style change you made now. It looks more sharp. Btw how often will you upload new pages?
Is it just me or the art style looks different? Its like more detailed... shades etc.
August 11th, 2015
This comics is pretty cool so far! I hope you will update more often ;)
August 3rd, 2015
Hey! I just found this comics and I really like your style so far! I am curious what the story will be like :)