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Freelance 2D Artist
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Hi Ryo,

Thanks for keeping up with my comics --

I apologize for being so absent, I've been prioritizing other projects at the moment. I do have the rest of "Bath Time" thumbnailed out completely, just a matter of doing the pages. I'm kind of focusing on stabilizing my long term financial situation before I get back into this large side project, which I know I've been terribly negligent about. I can promise you that I'm not abandoning my dinosaurs, that I plan on making more content relating to the series such as animations and video games and at least finishing "Bath Time" for the comic series.

I truly appreciate your patience. Thank you for checking in.
lol I will, I promise :) Comments like yours are truly encouraging and really do make me want to come back around to my dinos sooner >_<;

Thank you so much for checking out my comic and leaving a comment!

Hahah, it's meant to reach a wide audience but I realized after going to conventions to sell hard copies, it's mostly kids and like young women or parents coming to my table to buy. But hopefully anyone can understand what's going on.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Thanks so much for your heartfelt comments! I truly appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you enjoy my dinos :D

Good punishment, huh? :P

Lol thank you so much for your enthusiasm in commenting on all those pages of my comic :D glad you're enjoying the experience!

Hahah is it still a paw when she's a dino?

hahah :D
Maybe someday he'll turn to the dark side with his bro :P

I'm glad you feel that way :) A good mom's job isn't to be a best friend to her kids! Parents must lay down the law and that can be real exhausting! @_@

Thank you for your thoughts :D
Gonna try to go with one upload a week. Thank you for your patience!

Aww, thanks so much :D
Yeah it's a good idea to just reread the chapter lol I gotta get more consistent with these. I'll probably go back to updating once a week >_>

Hahah, close!
This is actually based off of the 1st volume/chapter of Dinnersaurus. :)

hahahah! I love the dialogue you put into this :D
lol who should spank whom >_>

aww thanks! I'm so flattered :D

thank you :3

good luck on either of those options :P! hahahah


maybe then Baby is an exceptionally SUPER dino :D?

thanks for keeping up with dinnersaurus :D