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I like, Pokemon, Mini Coopers, Terra Trikes, Mario Kart, Epic Micky, Petz Dogz 2 Wii, THE DOG ISLAND Wii, Spore(non PC, like the Wii game, hero arena, and the DS version of Spore Creatures). I have a Facebook page that I get on regularly, look for Catherine Kramer. Only add me if you're interested in Pokemon and post PG/ rated E for everyone stuff. I may be 19, but I don't like adult stuff. Latias is my favorite Legendary, closely followed by, Dialga, Reshiram, Verizion, and Xerneas. I love Mudkip, Treeko, Snivy, and Fenniken the best out of all of the starter Pokemon. Eevee- and it's evolutions are my favorite non-legend, non-starter Pokemon. Mega Latias is my favorite Mega Evolution. I love May, White/Touko/Hilda, and Serena the best.
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@Nekomata-chan: That's awesome! I knew it! I knew that was Josie! I can't wait for your next chapter! Keep going! I love your work!
Which Mewtwo?
Is this Giovanni's Mewtwo-the one in Mewtwo Strikes back and Mewtwo returns, or is this team Plasma's Mewtwo. Team Plasma's Mewtwo was the one in the Genesect movie- the female one. Also, I noticed Celibi isn't shiny, but she has big blue eyes why'd you go for the non-shiny route? Also it's hard to tell, is the Houndoom shiny(like a dark blue), or is he non-shiny?
I love this comic, more please!
This is epic! I love your work! I'm extremely excited-no hyped to find out what happens next! I'm enthralled with this comic! This is more than just a comic to me, I've fallen in love with the story and most importantly all the characters that have been shown. I love how you've given legendaries genders.(please make Xerneas female, please?) I can't wait to see what you come up with. Is that Josie from Shinka the last Eevee in one of the posts? Please do more, you're work is fantastic! If I had any money I'd pay you to do more, but sadly I'm flat broke. I love your art style too, keep at it, never give up! You're one of the better authors here! Please don't stop! I'd love to see how mega evolution works out in your story line, as well as primal de-evolution. I absolutely can't wait until your break is over. I don't want to forget this comic or live without it! Your comic is one of the few things that make me happy in this world, DON'T GIVE UP! I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS! I want to know who the Pokemon with the two different eye colors and scar above it's face is. I also really want to know who the main villain is. At first I thought it was a Luxray, but are those Tyrantrum claws? I love your work! Please don't stop! Also, I have to point out, mega Latias has yellow eyes and mega Latios has red eyes, Latias is my favorite legendary!
@MRZ: Seriously, that's all you have to say to me? WTF BACK! I'm totally serious! I'm not into the sport of trolling, you however were asking for it giving Zoe an end like that! Here, I'll even do some of the work for you and tell you what to do to make EVERYONE, NOT JUST YOU happy. The very least you could do is have the Pikachu use Mega Kick on the Nidoking's stomach, Zoe pops out, runs away and is never seen again, nobody in the room dares to speak of the "almost incident" (Pikachu, "you", and the Weedle.) So, if there is no way to block me, I'll keep hound- oh wait, you DON'T DESERVE my humor. I will NEVER BACK OFF, AND I'M COMPLETELY SERIOUS! Good day Mr. B***h!
@troblsomtwins829: Sounds good too me. I can't wait see what this evolves into. Keep up the good work. Hmm, "doesn't evolve into a ninja", interesting.
The answer is simple, there's no color. If it was a colored comic, you'd see blue and not red and therefore as long as you knew what both legends looked like you could tell the difference between the two. Thats the easiest way to tell the two apart, other than the other physical features. That's probably the main reason why you thought it was Latias. Ah, thought so, I had a hunch that you were talking about the author of this comic, just wanted to confirm my hunch.
@MRZ: WELL for some of us who LOVED her, save her and make her leave and go explore somewhere else, otherwise I will personally unfav your webcomic and figure out how to add you to the foes tab in my PM inbox, as well as NEVER read ANY of your comics! I LOVED her, Zorua's my favorite, and laziness is absolutely in NO WAY AN EXCUSE! YOU ARE EVIL! CONSIDER ME AN ENEMY, IF I HAD A YVELTAL I'D USE IT ON YOU, AND KEEP MY XERNEAS AWAY FROM YOU!
Mistakes happen, it's part of life.
@SkarletFantasy, That's O.K, besides, in a later comment on another chapter you realized your mistake, so I kind off just let it go and forgot about it. That last part, you're talking about the person who made this comic, right?
June 2014 reader!
@MRZ: HEY! I'm here too! Doesn't it mean anything to you that people have been waiting for more updates? Heh! You can't kill "zoey" because she's on your webcomic banner, proving that she's a main character, and main character's can't die. How's about some random pokemon, or that rescue team with the rattata, somebody goes and kicks "Mr. Nido" in the stomach, and he spits out "Zoey", you can add in a "hiyaaa!" to make it more spectacular!
It's Nidoking!
@MR.Zoet: Okay..... I just read it, that's a little weird, although having Palkia as a girl was a nice touch!
It's a Mincinno!
So, you're one of the few people that actually like generation 5's pokemon? Cool! I like them too. By the way(not to be offensive in any way), are you mexican or something? You keep saying Jay, instead of yay, and moustache battles?
Good job drawing the human!
Well, you did a better job drawing a human than I could ever do, I envy how you draw them, so don't go dissing your own skills!
Pikachu's facial expression
LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at the last panel! Ha ha! Pikachu's facial expression! Ha! The "Yeaaarg!!!" makes it even funnier!
Keep on coloring!
I like the color! I'm a big fan of comics with color, and if you update once every four months, you should put the effort into coloring it. Keep up the good work!
New Fan!
Hi! I must say that even though this comic swears, and has blood, it is otherwise a great read. I will be favoriting this webcomic, so if it was 80, now it is 81 fans! Keep up the good work!
Spelling Errors
Did you ask to be corrected in the beginning? I have so many comics favorited, I can't remember if any asked to be corrected when something wasn't spelled right. Well it is attackED not attacks, and Pokemon is plural on it's own, you can get rid of the S in the word Pokemon on your author's note.
YAY! So I'm guessing you're another Xerneas fan right? I love Xerneas! Is it going to appear in your comic?
Absol's Gender?
Yea, you should, I can't tell, is the absol a boy or a girl?