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I'm just a guy from sweden who draws comics.

Like, constantly.
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    John Vincent
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Yoooo just gonna sneak in my patreon link here and say that the pals over there have 60 pages early access
The actual banana:
I do commissions nao!

Theyyyy're cheap! :D
60 pages early access on patreon:
Wtf is up with the flood of spam?! xD I would have expected shit like this on Bloodroot, but this comic?? It's so tiny in terms of audience! xD
@Barb Tail: Thank you! I love supernatural stuff too, have run into some smaller experiences myself (hovering toys and flying mirrors where ya at)
@Guest: That's okay, only support me if you're actually able to and really want to :) I don't want anyone to support me because they feel guilty or obliged to, and I don't want anyone to take financial or social risks (such as messing with your parents, or if you happen to live in a homophobic country) to do so either ^_^