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I love Comics. I'm a big fan of cartoons,including Adventure Time, Bravest Warrior, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I love watching films... I am a lover of food.
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    Veronica Luna
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Looking forward to more.
ooohhh... Excited for the next pages to come. Love your illustrations, amazing art. Great story. :D
October 14th, 2014
Love your style of art, your illustrations are beautiful. Can't wait for the next page and the new chapter to come. :D
October 14th, 2014
Loved It! >.<
Each page I read is interesting, can't wait for the next page update...
I'll be waiting. :)
June 22nd, 2014
What a Cliffhanger!
Keep checking each week for the next page... Can't wait for the next one, please update soon, can't wait any longer... :)
June 4th, 2014
ooooohhh... What's going to happen next? Can't wait for the next update @Maaria ! :)
May 27th, 2014
What's going to happen next? So excited...

(By the way loving this comic, its so gooodd.) :)
@miyuli your illustrations are beautiful, loving the story so far... :)
April 23rd, 2014
Loving Plume so far, can't wait to read more... :)