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Shia Polux
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Directo al kokoro...
@Coaster: Sisyphus. He caught Thanathos (The personified Death), so nobody could die. And when finally someone go to rescue him and force Sisyphus to the underworld he managed to flee. At the end he was punished with the rock.
If this were Spain I would say "Pon Antena 3!" but...
@The_mad_one: Would you rather see fifty pages of babbling?
@TwilightUmbreon: What an interesting way to show kids that them must not hit animals
@shogun64: Well, Link would agree that these things are even worse than a dragonair.
Okey. Thanks for worrying!
Also this one ><
Also broken..
Ow. Q-Q Can't see this page. The link must be broken or something...
@Surfersquid: A little nap right in front Surge :D What could happen?
It's you, Mafalda? o.o
Oooh, I thought your avatar... was.. was you or something..! XD
Good question, gal xd
Uh... wassap whit that the ejem... poses of the boys in this region?
Isn't that FF's postbattle menu? XD
A little bit. I'm surely enjoying all your 'easter eggs' xd