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I noticed he hasn't said sir the entire time
Are Luca's eyes bigger than Andrew's? Cause they seem adorably huge
They look so happy sedan ng together 😁
Wow I'd hate to be an alien, you can't even play hard to get! They just know by a simple touch! I love Lola by the way, she and Nova are so dang cute together, I can't stand it! I'm kind of dreading her death now😔
Hey author! So I wanted to say that I've been following this story awhile, for like a few years maybe? I can't really remember how long. But it's been a while since I read it, and I've realized you've changed a lot since your first version of the story. I love your changes and I love the story, keep up the great work!
Glad you did this! But Daniel's still a mystery to me. He was a high class human right? What makes him so high class? Can't wait to find out!!
That escalated quickly
Also i think you said Nova's not Luca's real dad, but Luca's mom is blue, Nova's red and Luca's purple. Blue and red make purple
Nova is so adorable!! Look at how nervous he is, and Luca's mommy is just so pretty. He's her twin, literally
February 11th, 2018
I thought the crowd was fine as well, but wow, look at him yelling to Praxis like an excited fan XD
Omg, Nova's my puppy's name! But finally, we know his name!!!
Someone's jealous. Why not just tell him that you like him?
I've missed this comic ssssssoooo much!!! And hey, worry about your life first! Don't let those rude readers get you down. I'm so happy that you let us know what's going on!! I can't wait to see what goes on with the story!
Finally~! The long-awaited moment finally arrived~!
I dont think he killed the kid. I remember the author said taking the energy didn't kill humans
It's not shitty, thanks for posting~! And Happy holidays!!
My, have the tables have turned
Oh em gee!!! Can I have five of those little grimlin babies!!! So adorable!!!!
1. New Jersey

2. Sokka X Zuko

3. That guy from Thor as Kim and a young johnny depp as kylee
I'm not mad that he's having sex with another guy, I mean he is single really.