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Well at least he doesn't seem so scared anymore
Yaaaayyyyyy you're back, so glad to see you back!!! I've been waiting for your beautiful artwork~
Poor Mariano, he would just be heart broken if he knew, I seriously can't wait for more of this delicious story~
I really feel like Alex really likes him, but I'm not sure yet
I just realized this, but are Luca's eyes bigger than try and Andrew's?
Wow, a cousin of Russle's! So this story is happening in the same world as ARCO and TME! This is so awesome! I hope we see some cameos in this story
Did anyone else notice the little tears, poor baby
It's either Ruben or Brand Rod....Or another character we don't know about who knows.
It amazes me how professional your drawing is, it looks like an actual manga or something.
I'm a new reader, and just binge read all of this, and can I say your story is very unique and fun to read! I love this odd love triangle going on! Keep up the amazing work!!!! I can't wait to read more of this addicting story!
I finally caught up! And doesn't his little sister look like the sister off of The Incredible? I think her name was Violet or something
Omg I'm dyingggg
Yaaaayyy!!!! You're back!!! And this huge update was great
They are very pretty. You've done an amazing job! I love the horse head dude or girl, I feel like they're going to be funny
Lol, is the cop you?
@Nocta: Lol same! I love this comic
They are so dang cute!!!
I don't get why everyone's worried, I think Dylan's fine.
I'm loving you're new colorful look! I can't wait for more pages.
Well....I'm wondering what he expected a demon to say? And also to the author I'm happy you made this demon realistic, not caring about peoples feelings. I hate reading a story and the monster doesn't act like a cold blooded monster at all. So I'm happy you do!