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@RazorD9: That could be taken in soooo many ways.
I'm dating the daughter of Mr. Christmas. They have a clock that every hour, on the hour, plays a carol and they all *all* know the hour by which carol is playing. Plus Walmart has Christmas trees up in early September so.. ya know.. there's that.
@ninjaxxxrecon: Forget the water bottle. I need to have a word with that woman. Privately. Over dinner.
Derryl needs to get him some so he doesn't feel so lonely ♥
@ninjaxxxrecon: Actually a lot of the states have legalized it and are turning a stupid amount of profit off of sales.
Damn girl... you out cold.
On a positive note, the exothermic radiation from her exploding phone means that Eevee should become a Flareon.
Momma don't take kindly to men in black suits apparently.
Personally I've never played a Zelda game. Yes, yes. I know. Everyone's eyebrows just fell off due to the magnitude of the sin I just uttered. Anyway, it might be fun or it might not. Depends but aside from PokeMon I've never been big on Nintendo's stuff.
Seems like a rather serious connection issue to me. Reminds me of the travesty that was the BO3 Beta.
*Wants fish! Also wants to be judged*
I want in on this!
Depends on if it is a spring rain or one of those evil winter rains.
@ninjaxxxrecon: Woulda been first if the damn site hadn't decided to log my account out.
Freezing: Vibrations

Also the first panel has Warren's speech bubble coming from Mana. J/s ya dun goofed.
And this is why I dislike old people. -_-
Trooper Derryl is late on his completion of Order 66.
I can guarantee that not even an hour after that was revealed there was porn of her and Guy-Link doing... things. Together. *Shudders*
Huzzah for advancing the plot! Also FIRST. Suck it Noobs. :3

Just kidding. I love you guys~ <3
Warren gives no fucks about lesbi-sex. Noted. Though I wonder how he would feel about muah~