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R7N is another human unit, just like any of you.
Floating through space and time.

Ps. R7N is gender neutral,so please respect that.
so many dead bodies and we're only in the beginning... dun dun dun.
Oh ouch hello stranger you look like you're in pain if you're still alive.

love the dog tags omg I almost didn't notice them.
May 21st, 2016
oh man
IM AMAZED YOU DID IT OMF YOU UPDATED I'm so proud of you tbhh. (also I love whoever commented on the other page A+++)
February 11th, 2016
Oh n o
what a cute comic page!!!
And there's something different about your style.......

and that forehead kiss like how cute can you get i m softly dying over this page.
Secretly saving this in my folder a h a hahaha;;;
October 5th, 2014
Woah things are getting serious huh ???
By the way, Noahs teeth in the first few panels, cutest thing ever!
Mmmmmm warm lemondrops.
September 7th, 2014
JESUS Christ
Look at those cuties,
look at Noahs blushing face, what a darling!!! And Dalia in the last panel rip my kokoro
@Cute2KnowU: Ehehe, in that filler Miko was trying to say that they're room mates, but Jace cut him off.
@Porcupine.Slug: Psst, how's the tree doing now ?
Geez just sitting here staring at your lines, I love your lines //sobbing noises.

And the fact you have looked up an insect for each person. A+++
@kitsune fire: You can do the next page, go ahead!
@Estavia: I can't really say, more like a mix of both? It's not super western like all those Marvel or DC comics. I think I would have to say it has more of a comic style to it because of the face.
Buuut I can give you a better opinion after I've seen a page or two.

And psh, if the art and story are decent I don't see why the people should be put off by it just because it's traditional.
"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" the wind whispers at Jace and Miko. (Okay no but if you don't know the context then Jace looks like a really flamboyant gay boy). Heck he probably looks like that aaaaaaaaall the time.
And thanks for bringing Tif back into the picture.
Where will this lead to and what happens next dududuu (asking if anyone is interested in making the next page).
you posted o:
Look at that (awkward) cutie.
He's just like a shy child in a grown-ups body.

Don't worry about your art being traditional, it's perfectly fine. I was leaning towards it myself and may end up alternating between the two (digital is a huge hassle let me tell you).
em gee.
I'm in love with your story, you deserve more praise for this!
And the fact that you actually color all your pages....♡♡♡
Nice work and woah loads of improvement.
Uh I hope you don't mind if I remove the old entry that you made of her (I think you could have actually done it yourself, haha;;;) ???

Also what other instruments does she have ? I mean since you said she dislikes not having an instrument on her I'm guessing we will see her with one all the time so, when she's outside will it always be a guitar or dudu would she also use a flute or something?
Assuming everyone lives on campus. If you don't like something then please, let me know.

Zero has a room to himself as of now, this may or may not change.

The female and male dorms are in separate buildings, but pretty close to each other.
Name: Jace Yeon

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Computer science and graphic design/ illustration.

Sex:Referred to as a male.(???)

Sexuality: Demisexual


Likes: Technology, games(especially those indie games you've probably never even heard of), computer engineering. Quiet, music.

Dislikes: People, being disturbed

Jace is a huge introvert. And a huge nerd. He'd rather stay away from everyone if possible. Abandoned at birth the kid lived in an orphanage, being thrown in and out of homes more times than you could count gave him a tough exterior. But once he gets used to you he'll be there whenever you might need him.
Although he might not admit it out loud, the guy is glad to have someone that appreciates his talent.
I guess he dresses in anything that could be seen as #hipster.
Ohum the fur on his coat is removable. He usually only wears the fur when it's really cold.
X-s are color codes but they are not limited to only those colors (except for the dress shirts, for now).
???-s ; Couldn't decide on the color code.

Ps, his eye color is a royal purple given he has the Alexandria Genesis.
And as shown he is extremely short. 5Ft (153cm)

Soft grunge nerd -
@Cute2KnowU: It`s fine, it`s fine! If you can't make it on time just let me/Hetalia know like I said. It is just to make sure that the comic doesn't die

@Chokolatte: You and me both, hahah;;
Seems like he and Jace are both taking Computer Science.... Judging by Zero's bio I think they could actually get along.
Things are about to get.... interesting, dun dun duuun.(Because Jace doesn't get along with anyone)