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Bit of a hobby artist, so I won't be posting comics, unless maybe one day I'm good enough and hard working enough to do so haha. I mostly write, I write fanfictions for bleach which are BL/Yaoi with GrimmIchi. So far longest running one is "Oh, Lollipop" under the name of roxybeloved on :) Go read if you like.
I'm in the midst of writing my own original too.
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so glad i returned
I cannot wait for the next page :3 wahhhhh
I genuinely sing this on karaoke at my local Its so awesome :D
Still so cuuute >///<
I love your work! Even if it is still a work in progress, it looks amazing :) and I love the story!
I love this! It's so pretty OAO
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THE most oblivious uke, in history.
Shuno could spoil me any day -3- *drools*
Metz face in the first panel D#< so cute
I love their "relationship" XD It's so funny, it reminds me of how I am in a relationship -.-' trololol
Oh shush ^^ This is a beautiful page
@Sheilkuroi: I love this comic and I really hope you do more with it.
Infact all your comics are wonderful ^^
@Sheilkuroi: tHIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL STORY!!!!!
Thankyou for sharing :D
This story is beautiful, it's like I'm reading a really old fantasy/fairytale.
I already love "behind the obsidian mirror" but after reading this I have such high hopes, and cannot wait to read more! :)
This, seriously!
They are perfect :D
I can't wait to see the completed pages!
Yayaayayayyyaaaayyy! It's adorable! I love it!
I'm reading this over again.... because I need it in my life
Bed? OAO ukukuku
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Clover's mum.... I want her.
She's scarily adorable.