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Hey, my name is Kas.

I'm a 19 year-old college kid who is either dying or crying, like, 90% of the time.

i love them
All of the characters are really likable and I love your backgrounds
aw, he seems cute
The coloring in this comic is amazing, and the characters are great - very realistic~
I can't wait for future updates, and thank you for sharing
Your backgrounds are amazing i just
They're all adorable
I still can't get over your style. The lineart and the coloring are just!!! And the story seems like it's going to be interesting!
!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwww
Both of them are adorable!
This page is really great too! The colors!!!
Wow, this page is so pretty! The colors are great!!
Ah, I love the characters! All of them are really interesting and your art style is amazing. I read the entire comic in one go and I can't wait for future updates!!
What a goof ball! As always, the update was great, as always
I'm Poorâ„¢
Okay so idk how the image quality will be since i have no money and can't pay for the better version of smackjeeves. that said, I hope to have the first page up by Tuesday sometime. As of right now, there isn't a set update schedule because I barely stick to my school schedule as it is sooo
Read Me:
I'm a freshman college student and I'm kind of dying a little, so this will probably update slowly. I have it all planned out, but I need to actually scan the pages and go over them digitally and whatnot.

Also, this is completely on accident, but my art tends to get more realistic during sad scenes, and idk if I will remember to redo that to keep it consistent, so I apologize for that OTL. I started drawing this my junior year of high school, so...
I think it was a dream? I think he wanted it to happen, which is why he said "i'm sick."
You all need to chill. A lot of people use smoking to cope, because for some people just the smell is comforting in a way -- it might mean something to them, or bring back certain memories. Gannet was smoking in a room with the window open with no one in there so kwippo was getting upset over nothing. this is also the first time we've seen Gannet smoke, which would imply he's a stress smoker, not a chain smoker. He probably smokes when he's distressed. Some people drink, and that's worse because you can't keep control of your own mind. Also most bad habits have a harmful effect on others, directly or indirectly. i.e. drinking can lead to car accidents, rape, other forms of assault, and alcoholism, and alcoholism destroys families. self-harm can lead to accidental suicide, or lead to family members and friends to think they are at fault and cause a serious toll on their mental health. I'm not justifying smoking, but the way you guys are reacting is inappropriate and immature. You're hanging a character before hearing his reasons, without any prior context (i.e. is this a common thing for him, why and when did he pick up the habit, etc) and doing so with a self-righteous arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude.
uh oh. this is one of my favorite comics. i get excited whenever i see an update