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Zee Werecat
I enjoy anime, manga, drawing, watching shows like Face Off Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, CSI, World's Dumbest, etc.etc..

My main hobby is drawing things from robots and aliens to demons, dragons and the odd zombie. I also draw things involving movies, shows, games, etc i like a lot.
the look on the butterfly's "eyespots" in the third-to-last panel seems like a look of "Say WHAT now!?" to me. XD

looks like RGB wins this round you little monochrome menace! Yeah, i don't trust that butterfly. ^^;
for the ankle-bracelet-thingy condition, well played Infinity AND a very good point. *claps*
Atta girl Blue! Now you just gotta help Otto figure out how to get outta this mess.. ^^;
As sweet as it may seem, I'd say Hero doesn't wanna see RGB's "Negative-side" again if she can help it.. ^^;
Beau's face in the second panel was a "Why's you have to bring that up HERE!?" face! XD Priceless!

though on a more serious note, i hope they don't go too hard on Ohm, Cloud, and Quence... I mean, they meant well afterall.. <8c
Anyone else wanna see Cloud wearing a desert poncho or is just me? ^^;
And if you were to listen in on Ohm's thoughts, he'd be shrieking in a Human-Fangasm Frenzy! XD
Hero had fun while RBG is anything BUT amused! XDD
Assock, I think you just eased some of the tension AND added to the hilarity! XDD

gotta love that little sock-critter!
lol, Congrats RBG! you have officially sunk to her level. XD
Dying of laughter folks! XDD
I dunno if i should cheer that Negative!RBG is handling the monsters of the mind or feel terrified for the kid because her supposed "guide/guardien/whatever he sees himself as" has gone terrifying in Monochrome... OxO' i'd honestly turn and run like hell away, personally..
We're all laughing at this but i bet RBG won't find this as funny as we all do. XDD

oh wait, he is awake and not amused. Still funny! XD
Zee Werecat
February 20th, 2015
i bet Ohm would blow a fuse from blushing when/if he got that magazine. XD

lol, WOW! XD "If you get this for me then i'll forgive you a little but." XD well played Infinity.
I wonder who hates this more: Louie because he's getting the hose-down or Izzy because she has to hose down Louie? XDD
wanted to say this when i read it the first time.


HEEEEEERREEE'S LOUIE! >BD -music from Psycho shower scene here-
Zee Werecat
February 12th, 2015
i just noticed you misspelled "Friend" in the last panel. ^^;
Zee Werecat
February 11th, 2015
It's like a contest to see who's feeling the most bored. XD

i think Chip's in the lead right now. lolz
Alrighty folks, raise your hand if you believe you'll have nightmares for at least a couple days thanks to that creepy Raticate? O~O'' *raises hand*

but still: Holy shit Quence! are you ever gonna STOP throwing everyone for a loop with these bombshell confessions!? or would the better question be "Cloud, will you STOP dragging these bombshell confessions outta Quence?"