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And that, is the end of MP on SmackJeeves. It's not the END end, but no one but my best friends comment here and I don't receive any feedback on SJ. It's pretty discouraging to share your creation and know that people are looking at it, but have nothing to say. At least on Tapastic, I get to hear some things from the people who are reading it. So I'll be updating solely over there from now on. I hope to talk to you there! Lots of things about the comic will be changing, including the name!
Somehow I forgot to set the right dates for my automatic uploading... ooops.

Also, if you are interested, you can read ahead on Tapastic:
Two page update! Make sure to look at the page before :>
I was just a pioneer
Double update! Please read the page before too :>

Oh hey! Thanks for 250 fans! or not lol
I remember back in the day (2008) when shark teeth weren't in. Now look. Everybody loves 'em. Lookin' at you, Matsuoka Rin.
Welcome to my buffer!
For the first time ever/only I am ahead of schedule and this is buffer haha

You know how people usually put a little bit of themselves into characters? Sanria is now 400% more like me. Besides her, the next character most like me is Lue, but what does that mean...
Let's assume that the first panel is Lue's bedroom. Whoever it was, how did they take this picture? And was Lue actually able to see them???
haha what...
? random guy?
It was Carmin. For reasons that become clear in chapter 2...
i love drawing backgrounds =_=
lol I just noticed that the art style from the banner and this picture do not match hahaha Aaaah and this icon too I can't take it hahahaha
For the record, so everyone knows, I was referring to the 'does anybody have any gum' yell that was making me laugh
Yeah, but...
I make myself laugh... Is that strange?
thanks Harubbb
Thanks Haru!
Haru, I dunno, I don't think this room is ever shown again~
Hey goooorl! Actually when I signed back in your old version of glass hearts on here was the first comic I peeped for feelings of nostalgia haha
There were more pages that needed a re-do than not, so I took them all down for a fresh restart.

I went through and read every comment I previously received before I removed them. Thank you to everyone who left any. I hope you enjoy the newer version :>