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DUDE! I can’t believe this! It’s Yeko, from Confurgence! I came and talked with you throughout the con and brought the lucky cat key chain!

I’ve had this comic followed since you started forever ago this is crazy haha (°▽°)
Glad you found ya cat <3
& loving the direction this took!
oh Louis you sneaky sneke
death by cute
omg i die from the cuteness <3
Depends where ya from!
Depends where ya from really haha! Being Australian, thong is the word most people call em :3
love the comic :3
Its page 42. 42 is the meaning of life. H&J is the meaning of life <3
need more <3
I need more! Haven't felt this way for a comic in a while omg <3
need more <3
I need more! Haven't felt this way for a comic in a while omg <3
You're back! Welcome!!!! I'm ready to understand the hells going on xD
@butter-bane: Its fine to dislike furries but it really is just a weird but harmless fandom. Weird isn't necessarily a negative of course and in this case, it is far from it haha Yes it has a fetish side but it doesnt mean that all or majority of furries are part of that. A Furry is just people who share a interests in anthropomorphic animals/creatures. Most fandoms/communities/groups or anything have fetish sides to them really though and these sides tend to be what people focus on the most and not what these fandoms actually are at their cores but I understand why so~ Not trying to change your view or start an argument or anything but hopefully I could shed some light on the misconception of furries for anyone who wishes to listen I guess :3
The yaoi is strong with this one!!
love this page :3
<3 ~
Followed this webcomic for a very long time. Keep up the great work, i enjoy it very much <3
September 17th, 2014
Akira charm!
I spotted Akira from TnC xD