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Circus Season
Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 5 # Comics: 36
San Jose: I'll Keep You
Last Update: 5 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 10
Not Nowhere
Last Update: 5 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 46

The Parakeet Caper

Last Update: 6 Years Ago Fans: 0 # Comics: 24

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Comment on Vol. 2, Pages 15-16 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 22 Dec 2011 11:29 am
Sorry for the late update. This is a big one, and I was on a train!
Comment on Vol. 2 Page 13 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 14 Dec 2011 09:29 pm
My scanner's down, so Tuesday's page is late. Lo ciento!
Comment on Vol. 2 Page 1 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 27 Jan 2011 12:01 am
welcome back, comic.
Comment on Page 24 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 09 Mar 2010 11:28 pm
this is the end of the first part, by which i mean it's a good stopping place and i want to work on something else for a minute. will probably pick it back up in a couple months. in the mean time, i plan to record a full-length DeatHat album and make 1,000,000,000 new paintings for a big show in May. see for updates.
Comment on Page 19 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 19 Feb 2010 02:48 am
i'm a couple pages behind, but i'm working to catch up!
Comment on Page 17 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 09 Feb 2010 07:18 pm
Game on!
Comment on 26- Headgear of Not Nowhere
confoundedcontraption, 09 Sep 2007 01:29 am
Forgetty McForgetson
I didn't post last Friday, 'cause I forgot. So here's two. You will sleep now, and when you awaken you will think this was the most brilliant, insightful, and useful author comment that has ever been written.
Comment on 22-Dogs Need Jobs of Not Nowhere
confoundedcontraption, 24 Aug 2007 04:02 pm
The Advent of the Modern Age!
This comic marks the end of old comics (that is, comics I did following the birth of Not Nowhere as a strip in the school paper in '05,) and the beginning of new comics (that is, comics I did in the summer of '07, when it occurred to me that I like doing them. Some differences can be seen!
Comment on Page 1 of Circus Season
confoundedcontraption, 25 Jul 2007 12:54 pm
i'm excited to be working on this! yay yay!

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