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Explore! Innovate! Imagine! Interpret!
Sorry for the late update. This is a big one, and I was on a train!
My scanner's down, so Tuesday's page is late. Lo ciento!
welcome back, comic.
this is the end of the first part, by which i mean it's a good stopping place and i want to work on something else for a minute. will probably pick it back up in a couple months. in the mean time, i plan to record a full-length DeatHat album and make 1,000,000,000 new paintings for a big show in May. see for updates.
i'm a couple pages behind, but i'm working to catch up!
Forgetty McForgetson
I didn't post last Friday, 'cause I forgot. So here's two. You will sleep now, and when you awaken you will think this was the most brilliant, insightful, and useful author comment that has ever been written.
The Advent of the Modern Age!
This comic marks the end of old comics (that is, comics I did following the birth of Not Nowhere as a strip in the school paper in '05,) and the beginning of new comics (that is, comics I did in the summer of '07, when it occurred to me that I like doing them. Some differences can be seen!
i'm excited to be working on this! yay yay!