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@Nashew: Really? I prefer Aporllo Justike
"You are getting onto my bike, you are riding away, aaaaand I have been robbed."
Only one problem with this page (Note: I know this is massively nitpicky), that Spearow that Ash just hit is the boss, as a later episode reveals.
No Atty! Even though the trainers are usually derps, they WILL react to you trying to steal their Pokemon!

...admittedly, they will just derpily reply with the words 'Don't be a thief' and do nothing else, though.
I just realized...

Even though having a car would be pretty much a safe haven in a regular zombie apocalypse, this is a POKEMON zombie apocalypse. A car/truck ain't gonna do much.
Wow. I like how you based the Drowzee off its base animal type, the anteater.

This comic just keeps on getting better. Good luck! :)
Huh. When I fought Viola, Infestation was never that much of a problem...but looking at this, I suppose it could act as an ace in the hole in some situations. The more you know...
Yeah, but I sort of liked him as the geek of the group.

Ah well, wouldn't be good without the drama, would it?
...I don't know how...

...but somehow you've made a Metroid/Kirby crossover work well.

...Kudos. Many Kudos.
Who else thinks that once the power wears off, all the copies disappear?
Technically Core already has found a way, because now that he's gotten out of the closet he can just hijack Eddie.

Unless Eddie doesn't appear in this stage. I don't remember.
Well he does appear to be the Superman of this universe, so yeah.

I wonder if he's going to do something that would cause Kinesis to have a grudge?
So just imagine how annoying he will be when he does get there!
Wonderful drawing!
Thanks! I'll do my best!
It Begins...
And will hopefully continue!
Hmm... Who are these mysterious figures?
He'd better not mistake it for a pokemon and have it battle, otherwise...
The bigger question is: Will they actually be competent now that they have guns?