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Hello everyone~! I'm A.W., aka Virtrue/Vir (a combination of Virtue and True, Virtrue. I don't know why I picked that, on a whim of sorts.) I enjoy drawing and writing and up until I got this I really wasn't all that confident showing my writing and drawing to others but... Hey, first time for everything right? I hope you enjoy what I create and I'm always searching for ways to improve so if you have any ideas, tell me.

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October 28th, 2014
The best thing to do with ones trouble is to share it with friends~
October 28th, 2014
Aww, so adorable~
So innocent~
So sweet~
So happy~
(this is going to all go downhill at one point isn't it?)
(I'm apparently a skeptic, who knew?)

Don't worry about delay's you just build up my anticipation and excitement for what comes next!
August 7th, 2014
I'm having one of those moments where you want to walk into the comic and slap the character you hate. I mean, honestly! I'm with the black haired lady, what's the issue with Aki being with another man? If 'gay men only harass and molest children' then how do you explain all the happy gay couples who have adopted children? I mean, what evidence do you have to base your statement off of? 'Havent you heard'?! Really, I thought that they taught you back in middle school not to listen to rumors, maybe you didn't complete middle school. Maybe. Honestly, perhaps I suspect that of you now?

Well, I should go cool my head before I rant some more.... Yep.
August 7th, 2014
Ah... That moment when you're welcomed back onto your ship with tons of blood and dead bodies, what a lovely and calming welcoming. :)
July 31st, 2014
Oh my gosh this comic is so absolutely adorable and this is just beautiful oh my I seriously can't praise it enough... The character designs are gorgeous and I love their personalities and the way they clash but still get along and... Ahh, it's just so amazing!!
Hisawa needs a man in his life, a man that isn't Aki. Because I love him and all but... Hisawa~~!
I still ship Cinder x Sprite. Also I think it would be cute to see Cinder get over his Homophobia through experiencing a homosexual relationship himself (plus they'd be adorable~.) (And, irony of ironies, pleanty of homophobic people are homosexuals themselves, just afraid of what that implies.)
Too bad, but, I'm glad that the comic will continue. The art is always a big part of a comic and Crimson's art is gorgeous but the art is trumped by the needs of the artist. Im excited to see a new take on what the characters will look like and I wish you good luck in finding a new artist!
Hehee~ This makes me smile cause my family and I actually used to play risk a lot. I can especially relate cause at the time I was totally against having any sort of romantic relationship or anything of the sort, so whenever I made a male friend my parents (mainly my mom) would always ask me 'Is he cute?' or 'Do you like him?' And whenever I simply smiled and said 'No' they would always answer 'Sure, for now.' (Although they did tell the one time that I lied because I was embarassed about liking somebody, cause my face turned red like a tomato. But they respected my privacy until I told them.)
Taisuuukeeee man up! Where's the testosterone when you need it??

Hiro, tap into your inner manliness and question him on it!
July 26th, 2014
Wooo! Go Vodka!
I will say "props to ya Lucky" because he actually managed to be honest with people about him being responsible for the death n all... But really I still must say "gosh darnit Lucky" this is why we do not mess with the supernatural when we already know that the supernatural is deadly, especially in a situation like this. Why did you never watch horror/supernatural movies as a child Lucky?! Why?!
One word: run.
Red hair... (O.O) The girl? But the style looks kinda different (might just be me...) Somebody related? Gah, cliffhangers! (PS. I laughed at the cat-faced person in the background.)
June 18th, 2014
Oh my gosh.... I love this comic so much, you do such a great style of using your art style to set a very distinct tone to the entire comic and I love the voices you give each character. The characters themselves are perfect and I want to hug them all (even if some of them might try to hurt/kill me =P)! Honestly this comic is amazing, it's hilarious and I love the way you integrate the funny hints/fan services without making that the main point~! It's positively amazing and wonderful and... I'm speechless, really, I hope you don't get too stressed out though! Take care of yourself please~! And amazing job, really!!
I don't find it rushed, I think that the quick pacing really helps give this sense of urgency and 'oh no what happens next'? Also I kinda like the confusing aspect of it ('course thats probably cause the books and stuff I read REALLY confuses people) because then you're not just reading it, you're interacting with the story, piecing it together and making it work in your head. It makes it more gripping and enthralling, y'know?
The moon is back... (it's still pretty awesome but it still gives me the creeps =P)
June 17th, 2014
BE BRAVE. (onlydontdie.)
Something tells me that this is how he "accidentally killed" somebody... (I feel cruel for saying this but you have to admit it was kinda stupid for her to think that something bad wouldn't happen when she agitates a person that, I'm assuming, seemed to have not wanted anything to do with her to begin with... I guess death might not've come up but, really she should have thought SOMETHING would happen.)
Looks interesting so far, I'm curious after reading the description and... That moon... Something about it... Gives me the chills. Like, it looks like the type of painting you would see hanging in a museum or something. Wow.