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Dr. Helix
Im shy, so I rarely comment on comics. I'm like the person that's there watching, but nobody knows :P
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@Air Man1 21
Don't hate on somebody who has bad english. Maybe correcting them nicely, but not just, "Four not for...", because that's just rude.
Just sittin' here trying to defeat good ol' DMK in the True Arena....oh how much I hate him.
Once you actually point out the power thing, the wings, and find that the things listed in your profile are musical instruments, you just go "Ooh, wait..." And know that it's Queen Sectionia.
When Kirby touched the XXI's, their consciousness went to Kirby's mind?
And I'm still surprised that nobody said that they will go into Kirby's memories/thoughts and see what Kirby thinks of Kirsy, Keeby, and everybody else.

I think Hal was trying to make a reference to that one story, where the evil queen (in this case, Queen Sectionia) has a magic (or amazing) mirror on the wall. And since they did that, and they needed a substitute for meta knight, they just added dark meta knight. And that Queen Sectionia DX and Dark Dedede could be their mirror world versions, trying to protect dark meta knight.
Dark meta knight bleeds, in the sequence when he comes out of the mirror. And I think when he gets to half health. But I've heard that Dark Dedede also bleeds, yet I haven't seen it for myself yet.
Please do not use Java, it is not the reccomended format. The reccomended format is Falcon Pawnch. Now please eat your wood soup, sir.
Apparently Keito thinks Kobe Meta Knight is the best.
Yeah, tried to do the same. I need to come up with better jokes.
I dont really mind when the pokemon contest ends, or when the other contest ends. And that frozen reference though.
I know, he just looks like Magolor, except for the ears.
Also, anybody hear about the new sapphire and ruby remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? I've heard they're coming out sometime in November. Of course, it's a Kirby comic, so won't say too much pokemon!
It could be a kirby dressed as a helper/ninja.
ITS A TRAAAPP! Nice custom sprite btw.
Zero or 0²
Totally doesnt sound like Zero or 0².
Am I the only one to get the kirby anime reference in here?