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Hey! My name's James and I like making comics and I don't like wearing socks.
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    Avery Graham
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Sorry folks! We'll be back with a regular update next time - have some bad drawings in the meanwhile, and thank you for sticking with us!
@eishiya: Updated, thanks for the heads up!
BBT Is Back!
We're back folks! Thank you all so much for sticking out the hiatus with us. We're going back to a regular biweekly update schedule, so look forward to a new page every second Friday! 🙂
Thank you guys for being so patient with us!!!!! we'll be resuming our normal update schedule of most Fridays for the foreseeable future, we're sorry for the hiatus but we're really excited to be back!
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of communication, health stuff has been bad and school's been a lot, so we're officially on a bit of a hiatus :( we're most likely going to be back in a month, thank you guys so much for your understanding!

Something we both want to be really clear about is that this comic is really important to us and we're absolutely not abandoning it, I guarantee we'll be back soon! (I'm especially excited for the next chapter, we're finally going to get to show you a bit more of the setting and introduce more of the cast!!!)
@person: hey there! we update (most) fridays. thank you fr readin!
We're baaaaaack sorry abt the long wait guys! thanks for stickin with us!!!
@SmallCactaceaePrince: we are!
Hey! sorry about the delay, I have been in brainhell, regular updates hopefully resuming now though!
@just guessing: yep!
No page this week, but we're posting a playlist to go along with the first bit of the story!

Breathless Words, Bloody Knees: A Playlist for Fucking Your Whole Life Up and Ruining Everything

Dirty Harry Gorillaz // Gift of the Magi 2: Return of the Magi Andrew Jackson Jihad // Teenagers My Chemical Romance // Fine, Great Modern Baseball // Flying Model Rockets The Front Bottoms // Night Light The Mountain Goats // Paris is Burning St. Vincent // Teardrop Massive Attack
@Zephyr: hope this helps!
We're back! Sorry about the delay, things have been a little hectic on our end, we appreciate your patience!
@Arodynamic: yes! on Friday. sorry, things have been a bit hectic over here! but we're going to return to regular weekly updates now.
@ecstacywolf: thank you for the heads up!!!! it's fixed now.
Illusions, Michael!!!
@unikirin: hey, thanks so much for reading! 'u' we have an rss feed on tapastic here
(it's at the tope left and looks like a wifi icon!)
sometimes ur stessed TF out because there are a lotta loud noises ¯\(°_°)/¯

also I promise this is the last time I'll plus this (probably not, I'm a worrywart) but our tumblr is badbadthingscomic and we offer content warnings for things like self harm there - we gotcha covered!
That feel when everyone is yelling!!!!!!! Everyone is yelling!!!!!!!!!! Stop yelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!