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I'm writer but not really an artist. i spent a lot of my time doing Guard and on YouTube.

I'll read near any comic that doesn't have too much on screen sex.

I'm also down for suggestions so feel free to send your comic my way!
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And he counted there for ever
The end
They told me "There's no need to memorize the morse code alphabet. You'll never need it." They were totally right and I ended up cheating anyways by looking at the translation...
@Riaya: My sister is working on what might be the first successful treatment of dengue, try living up to that.
I'm sorry
Come on Steve, you've fallen off ladders before, this gag's been... Done to Death! eeeehhhhhhh? I'll stop now
I think you uploaded these images in the wrong order.
He killed TOby
None of what he said "sound"ed good and TOby certainly wasn't ec"static". He really needed to "dial" up the fear. And the whole time Toby was "station"ary.
In the States, we start on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). I mean, people do; we're happy if a store waits until Halloween is over.
My experience with cats is that they love you more when you ignore them. One of my cats will just swish you and purr until you go to give her attention. Then she bites your hand. Of course we love her anyways.
All I want now is to see the delayed response to the punch delivered at the beginning of the arc.
@DeathDragon: The main reason was that when you got sick, usually nothing could be done for you. High infant mortality rates and lack of common education skewed statistics by a good margin. When a twentieth of the population (perhaps more due to poor record keeping) dies before their 13, the population that lived to 55 or more (near a quarter) meant a lot less.
Also keep in mind most of the population lived in squalor and did jobs with little to no worker protection, many jobs were out side and if the sun and dangerous equipment didn't kill you, infection surely would; as the water they drank was the water they bathed with and dumped their waste in (bodily or other wise).
In the upper class where access to doctors (even if they couldn't usually help), clean living spaces, and a safer life brought the life expectancy up to 55 or 60. So the wife isn't that old yet. Although it wasn't common, living to age 70 wasn't unheard of at the time in that form of life.
I'm generalizing the industrial age to England, but that's the general idea. I got most of my statistics from a high school text book and I'm sure it's not a complete picture of the times, but many a book has been written on the subject and google is your friend if you're still interested.
I was archive surfing..
This song seemed appropriate.
I remember there was this women who was trying to get a hold of her son, who ran away from a rehab facility. She didn't have his girlfriend's cell but in an a attempt to reach the women she was dialing random numbers. She ended up calling me but I didn't know how to react. I just told her to call 911 and file a missing person report. I never knew if her son was okay but I guess I never will.
For the sake of finding the song

There it is.
My sister's doing research on Hep C and when ever we see her I ask how it's going. She spends 5 minutes explaining every facet of her experiment only for her to forget where she was going with the sentence before she went off on the third tangent that story. BTW love the comic.
23 people are hoping to see this comic again. Please come back soon or tell us you won't come back.
@Candychains: I think I see more Steve in Zb0A
Heat wave
Don't even start on how hot you are. It is 42 C here! My air conditioner is broken!
@shadowhood20: You've never heard the myth I assume...
Let's Review
Would you mind if I do a review your comic? I may use some of your strips as a visual aid, but of course I'll give you proper credit.