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No, it's not shota. Sorry if you were hoping it was. xD
There isn't going to be any romance of any kind in this story. Not as far as I've planned anyway.

And I guess I picked kind of a popular name. It's such an awesome one though. And nothing else fit him.

And thank you!~ Apparently several people are. I need to get to work. o3o
OMG I FINALLY FINISHED READING THIS. It took several hours of non-stop reading but I loved every minute of it.

And I get all caught up only to end up at this massive cliffhanger! How will I sleep tonight without knowing the truth?! D8
Last page for today~

I left it off with something cute for everyone to go "awww" over. He can be so cute and innocent looking when he wants to be. :'D
Did I mention I hate drawing bodies? Unless they are chibi, of course. 8D

And I am so lost when it comes to screentones. I should practice some more. o__o

Ignore the boring dialogue, btw. TAT;
I hate drawing bodies... they look fine after I draw it, 'til I look at it again the next day and realize the proportions are way off. I'm working on it though. o_<

Also, if anyone has any helpful advice or critiques they'd like to give I'm all ears. 8D *such a noob*
Page numero Uno!
I feel like these first few pages are going to be such a boring start. Hopefully people will keep reading anyways. OwO

And also, the tree in the first panel is probably one of the few backgrounds I will ever draw in here. I suck at backgrounds... and I'm lazy. xD
I was gonna do something more interesting for the cover page, but I got lazy~ xD

Anyways, here is my very first web comic, Simon! Isn't he just the most adorable pudgy little thing you ever saw? Look at those toes! o3o

*cough* Here we go, Chapter 1! 8D
I agree, the art is AMAZING. So gorgeous it just pulls me in. I can't wait to see more! 8D