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I love Mrs. Takeshi. She's definitely one of my favorite characters! Also, I'm late, but happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome time c:
I live for Takeshi's face on the second panel.....
Aaaaaand of course I decide to come back as soon as it's getting to the good part (ยดД` )
But I'm so happy to see you posting regularly again! I missed you and your lovely artssss :3
Whoa! I'm hearing the basketball sound effects!
I can't get over how beautiful that first panel is! Heck, these past 15 or so pages have all been beautiful! Waiting for updates is so painful but rewarding at the same time! (Btw I got my copy of OHK! It's so awesome!! Can't wait for the next volume ;D)
Waaaah! I'm loving this so far! Especially all the VN references!
Wow, two weeks and nothing beyond kissing?THIS IS DEFYING YAOI LOGIC HOW DARE YOU XD
Aaaaaaand I've caught up.... So many things developing! Super excited for future pages!!
Can it only be one character? I love them both equally! I can't pick between them! How about characters from your other comics? I'm asking for too much now huh... ;-;
I missed youuuuu!!!!! ^-^
One of the extras in the printed version should be a chapter dedicated to this AU! Imagine the possibilities ;D
I love this comic so much... I don't think I've ever been so obsessed with a web comic before! I adore the art, the characters, the story, EVERYHING! You are seriously one talented artist! Now I'm very happy and very sad. Happy because of the printed copy, but sad because I'll miss seeing regular updates...
I'd love to see Takashi's train of thought right about now! X3
Oh Hiro! Always so slow and dense, but I love him for it!
But-but what about the S&M games!?!? Great page as always! The physical copy looks amazing! I'm really looking forward to having it in my hands! Quick question, will the physical copy come with the most recent pages, or is it only the first few chapters?
March 6th, 2015
Wait... Wait.... IS THAT THE LAYERED CUT?! I just noticed it on Misaki! My character has the same style in Maple! Omggggg
March 6th, 2015
OMG this is great.... *cries*
March 6th, 2015
March 6th, 2015
*eye twitches* that tag.....