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They/them. Writer, artist, book-worm, Christian, fan of a thousand things. I have a lot of ideas and a significant lack of time (what do you mean I've been on tumblr for the last six hours?).
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It's been a while, mea culpa! But finally, here's a bit of backstory for Sam and Avery (I'd like to get into their story a little more someday, but for now we're going to keep things moving). Sam's dad was not a -super-villain, but he was most definitely a dick.
@RogerRoger: Thank you for the suggestion! I thought about doing a split page, like I did for P1P80, but the timing wasn't working out quite right. But we'll get to both eventually!
Coral does not get the "enemy mine" thing even the littlest bit.

Sidenote, I'm going back to school in the fall! Also moving, again. So things are gonna be hectic round these parts. I'm hoping updates will not get any more sporadic than they already are, but this has been your heads-up.
I'm not sure whether to stick with Coral and the godparents for now, or follow Uri on his errand and come back to the others later. Anyone have a preference? The content will be basically the same either way, but I can't keep going until I make up my mind, haha.
Raise your hand if you grew up on 90s superhero cartoons. *raises hand*
In case you forgot, Coral is a fangirl.
Mental health can be tricky, but it's so so important. Be kind to yourself as much as you can. <3
Sam and Tarry gave up trying to keep their secret identities secret when they retired, which makes any involvement in Uri's personal life risky for him. This is probably the first time they've ever met a friend of his that wasn't also a super.
Looks like Coral took a break from Utica for a while. Makes sense, when ostensibly a villain had recently kidnapped her. I don't think she told her dad that's why she was visiting, though.
Part Two!! Thank you, everyone who stuck with me this far.

The first page will be up in a few days, but it's available on Patreon now!

Also, if any of y'all prefer Tapas, I have enough subscribers over there to earn ad revenue now, so.
And that's the end of part one! Oh man that's been a long time coming. I know I left like basically every plot thread hanging here, but we'll start in on the fallout of all this in a couple weeks. Until then, I'd like to do some fun stuff (process posts on part two's cover, illustrated Q&A maybe?), so leave any questions in the comments and we'll see what comes about.

Also, my queer retelling of The White Cat is now complete and free to read on Patreon! If you like girls in STEM in love, eerie cats, and strained family dynamics, it's for you.
I like it when I get to draw baby Uri because otherwise I forget what his hair looks like.
Someone's in trouble.

Remember to check out Patreon for early updates and other fun stuff:
Gaunt, as he is dragged off: And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids!
Good plan, Red.
I hate cars so much.
I'm not going to miss trying to draw burns every week, friends.

In other news, over on the Patreon I've started serializing a novella! It has nothing to do with Shadow but everything to do with lesbians, cats, and fairytale retellings. Check out the first installment and let me know what you think!
As a reminder, from now on patrons will get early access to new pages, as well as other fun stuff. You can access early pages here on Smackjeeves by logging in with Patreon, as soon as I find a good place to put that button, or keep an eye over here:
And we're back!
Well it took us a while, but here we are at page 100! I'm excited to try and get back to weekly updates. If you'd like to help keep Shadow going, please check out my Patreon!
@JUSTARANDOMGUY: Yeah, I have the next few pages sketched out, it's just a matter of finding time to draw them. I'm hoping to finish the arc, at least, though I don't think I'll go back to weekly updates anytime soon. Thanks for still being interested!