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It's probably the gun.
The most important question: is Vicky ok?
I still am marveling at how naturally you're incorporating the exposition. It feels like every new page is revealing something to me, but always in a way that makes complete sense in context. The feeling that I still know almost nothing yet keeps me looking forward to your comic each week.
@Misogi: Haha! I didn't notice that at first, that's awesome (pears are so much better than apples anyways).
Oh good, looks like nothing too horrible happened yet. Though I think he's showing a number of blue pest symptoms (hallucinations, memory problems, sleep disturbances, hypertension, probably others too).
@flipfloppery: There's a week to go and the suspense is already killing me D:
I like the visual effect in the last panel, it makes me feel like my own eyesight is going out of focus.
is "Again" supposed to be crossed out like that?
@flipfloppery:That's the thing plugged into the computer, right? I saw it on the last page and suspected it was something like that. What else is it used for?
Is that bio as in biology or biography?
Despite my best efforts, I was unable to read the words on the screen.
Did she stop class just to talk to him?
The Knife
Looks like that's the knife (or short sword?) from the cover art. Also probably the one missing from his waist in the dream.