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Wow ten years congrats! Such dedication.
i really like how you use color pencils.
:) your style is so awesome.
@Djinnmagic: dude i was more interested in watching your little video than reading the page
XD blood shed already?
wow im so sorry that happened to you :/
i think nakay wants someone to go to extremes to show him how much they love him and are devoted to him. And i think joshua succeeded
v(^_^)v Yah 0(^_^0) (0^_~)0 finally
I wonder if he said that just to hurt Josh
HA! I knew it
He IS a selfish jerk
^_^ gotta love the sushi
Why is everyone automatically on Nakay's side. If she does steal him away it because he LETS her steal him away.
No way are we gonna get the story from everybody's perspective?
I bet nakay is the bad guy
I agree if she hates him she should leave. But I also thing there's a whole other side to Nakay that we havnt seen yet.
Zebadiah in the third panel is a work of art
For some reason if find psycho crazy smiles really hard to draw.but you to ally captured it there.