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Deplorable excess of personality. You know, like Ian Malcolm ;D
Did some kid fall down a well, Cherry? :o And oh my Daniel you are sporting a younger look after shaving ;3

Can you spot all the webcomic character cameos on this page? :)
Bye bye frilly shirt xD
I hope you used that soap before you threw it across the room, Vil ;p
Hello Two Hearts readers! Jarvi's computer is broken at the moment so I'm posting this update. He'll reply to your comments as soon as he's able.

I'm also here to tell you about our new working arrangement. For those of you who don't know, I've been helping out with Two Hearts in various ways for about a year now. Filling in for lineart or shading here, helping with edits and plot there. (Shout out to Mike who has been helping with edits and plot for a looong time too!) Webcomics and time management don't often play nice, but Jarvi and I have finally come to a style that seems efficient. So from now on, I will be doing Two Heart's lineart and colors. To keep chapter three consistent I've also made new versions of pages 1 through 3. I hope you all enjoy the new style. If you miss Jarvi's painty style you can always commission him. ;D

Lovely page. :)
Ooooooh interesting!
Awww, he's cute. xD

I've got donator banners and that seems to provide my traffic here, since I'm barely active here and mostly frequent the CF side of things.
Re: That incentive. Kresin Martae buddy cops FTW :3
Have you ever thought about Paint Tool Sai? It's something like fifty dollars and I adore it.
Well, being one of the people, I appreciate this info ;)
I like the Emperor, he seems very chill xD
An underwater city is so coooool *_*
That situation sounds like a pain! Hope you get a better arrangement soon. I'm curious to see what happens next :3
That Cheres incentive :3
YESSSS!! Transformation Raz <3

Also, Cheres has been planning that party forever now ;3