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which of attys pokemon have explosive attacks? DT could handle the door no problem, venus dont think so, fish no chance in hell, maybe rat could overload the system?
You will never escape ichabod, perhaps tabatha can make some matching or set costumes for you and stilez
hmm you need the slyph scope for lavender town, does that mean he is going to have to fight slyph co or team rocket for it? or go screw it and ignore the ghosts?
rat is a mascot and he ate that bide so DT could finish off the onix in pewter city, doesnt that count for something? he is also a lure to keep george around heh heh
i can see another problem, if golduck tries to bubblebeam weed, some of it is going to hit the spectators, and yea that golduck has a real hate session on charmanders/charmeleons? maybe a charizard picked on it as a psyduck
option 3, golduck has frozen not because something grabbed it tail but because its seen rat on the other side of atticus about to nuke the pool and is going to turn tail and run heh heh heh
but there is so much to sabotage down there
DT's tail doesnt look good to me, atty needs to do something quick or he might loose DT
looks like scratch disabled to me, as for fire being weaker than water, have found an interesting scientific fact, water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, both extremely flammable by themselves, heat water enough and it can separate into these 2 gases, + flame = explosions, lets see who comes off worse then? DT, noibe? or the gym heh heh heh
reminds me of gold and silver where every trainer you beat wants your contact details for rematches
and as for eevees, can i has all of them?
September 20th, 2014
hmm i notice a pidgey following, has george developed attyitis and forgetten to put it back in the ball
hmm that comment about dragonthing being a girl gave me an idea for fan art unless its been done already, a human/charmeleon hybrid :) too bad i cant draw
option 3, giant moonstone and clefairies are just opbjective no 2, and estelle is going for no 3 which requires atticus's clefairy attractingness
maybe they just want a hug, unlike the last 3, 1?times (did the onyx attack and atticus's cigarette ash preempt what might have been a friendly apology for the first attempt to blow atticus to the moon), i mean just look at those cute, blissful, innoculus, mesmerising psycotic smiles