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Yo! I'm Azrayah, but you can call me Ray if you want to (or Ray-chan, or Azrayah-chan. What ever floats your boat.) I love drawing, reading, writing (Fanfiction FTW!), and singing. I listen to Jpop, Kpop, and Nightcore. I hope we can be friends, fellow artists and readers!

I have accounts all over the web. Seriously, just look up "Azrayah" and look for my profile pic., Tumblr, Wattpad, DeviantART, youtube...I'm sure I'm missing a few. *shrugs* Oh well. Probably don't use them much.

I would say I'm a secret bad-ass that is a sarcastic, smart ass, and a bitch, but in a fun, joking way. I am an embracing sky that brings people together, but I am also the night sky that gets left in the dark, but has the stars as hope. (holy crap, that was a KHR reference and poetic. Damn I'm good.)
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