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Hello to all! Im just a person who likes to read webcomics. I would like to make my own, but it usually turns out badly. And Rai's not my real name, just to be safe.
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@Koal: Im really hoping that was a league of legends reference.

No? Anyone?
>Absolutely mangle the plot because the guy you killed was actually Cliff from the future.
> Steal Zarrus's haircut for yourself. And his cape.
RBG is a lot like the Doctor, isn't he.
Well that was anti-climactic.

On a higher note, he could be a pimp worm..

You know, with all his rings?

shoot me now
The boss is a lie...
Baby showers are awful and demonic
>Shatter your monocle and use one of the glass pieces as a shank. Proceed to shank Zarrus. Preferably after you unpause time.
put some glasses on pale = another dat ass meme
Realize his hair could be used as stairs in a mini family's house
>Acquire a magnet, because moles eat metal. Obviously.
God officer, EVERYONE knows gingers have no souls. Obviously
If soap is needed to make long-lasting bubbles, ,how does golduck use bubblebeam?
>Go after the horse, realizing that he was the incarnation of Zarrus himself!
tail whip totally deals damage. yeah.
>Realize that the horse IS Zarrus. Kill it/him.