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Lol Lev's face is AMAZING!

So I haven't been able to get a hold of Kiri, so I'm going to go ahead and get a page started! It should be a two page post, so keep your eyes open! <3
@Styxxsardonyx: I actually really enjoy your traditional work, too! o3o No problems here!

Look at that pretty lady making plants grow!!!
Alrighty, so, post order?:


Tell me if I need to change it! :D
@Epic Chibi: That's alright. A lot of us haven't posted in a while. XD I'm one of them! Never too late to start posting again, though! :D
It has been entirely too long! Greet Lev this lovely morning with a smile, or a list of things to do! Let's get Le Cirque Active again!
Paperwork!? PAPERWORK!? Too much paperwork, time to take a break!
Lev... LEV! WAKE UP! You've been sleeping TOO LONG!
I'm super excited to see where this is going!
He really hits the books!!!

Or rather, the books hit him!
OH, there will be pain! XD You just wait Epic!
Get yo' legs flexin' and your arms T-rex'n; do the creep! Ahhhh, do the creep!
Awe! He just couldn't make it!!!
Sorry about the long wait, guys! Between the storms here in Texas, my job and catching two pretty rough illnesses, I didn't have much time between. :3 We're back on track now! :D
Is not like the other.
Thanks for all the comments, guys! XD

@Epic Chibi - He will never admit to any fault. Ever. He would be homeless forever if that was her stipulation. XD
Oh, how it has failed him!
Gosh! I just want to pinch his invisible cheeks! :D
A storm rolls in as Raj continues to argue with Cece about everything he could possibly argue about.
:3 Look at them! Precious babes!