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when you can't have an animated avatar of your waifu
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Hey now

You're an art star
Could’ve gotten the scar before he joined
"Waluigi, you just weren't there!"
I can't believe the pig is dead
Darn they lost
“That’s the point”
He's not wrong
You know nothing, fool! It’s Chaos!
“I am the one who eats!”
He's trying his best
fucking pussy won't do shit
I want to caress them
Man being in the middle of family arguements sucks
DVD is a good boy
And now our boy Alistair will learn that not all vampires are bad
Humans are just as corrupt
Does Jacques like jumping into Lake Fierce like Ryu from Streets?
“What about you, Bernadette? What’s it going to be? Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me?”