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March 21st, 2018
Ridley was a good boy
Hey this is pretty good
They’re trying to destroy a mountain
I am not weak.... I’m NOT weak...IM NOT WEAAAAAAAAK
@Shard: i thought you couldnt get in touch with breaker because you made a new chat to get away from him and beth???
And now back to your regularly scheduled bullshit from me

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<img src=" 009-dc5t90f.png" >
@Brawlitup99: Fuck you, they're good boys no bully
Crash is serious this time, but how'd he get this strong with only Gemini Man where 2 other robot master forms failed?

Also, special cameo of Blowser, a character belonging to Sike
Man, he’s pissed
Squire Penguin is fucking pissed
Let Wario eat the angry sun
@Brawlitup99: Arnt is kinda being a dick too so I mean
<img src = " nic1009-dc4llq9.png">
@Ren Fowl: It is, he's never really had reason to use them before, but he's had them
WELP THAT OUGHTA DO IT. This wraps up Copy's mind control shit, but what will happen next in TimeSceo's magical blank world comic adventures?

probably more stupid shit idk
It's a matter of perspective
He’s a good boy