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when you can't have an animated avatar of your waifu
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@Brawlitup99: I mean if I were him, I wouldn't care anymore either
When do they fuck
This is fucking incredible
Will they have have weed
@HyperTurtle32: Apologize better, you didn't sound sincere
@Doth Geezer: It's way past midnight, where are pages 2-15
@HyperTurtle32: No it's not, it's clearly a hand with excess skin
>Not 15 pages

I'm disappointed
What did Oak give him
Atty he has a gun

you can't win against gun
@Trinox: Well he can't really fly...
Hey Silver Sonic, have you ever thought about stealing Christmas?
"Can you at least give no some clothes?"
Should be hear rather than here in panel one

And in panel 2, the first sentence is worded weird.