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when you can't have an animated avatar of your waifu
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Sounds like a good compromise
At least draw them, Atty.
Well that’s just unfortunate, isn’t it?
Oh boy here we go
Seems like Atty is trapped between a rock and a hard place
Well maybe you should be a good friend and not take advantage of someone being a pushover
October 19th, 2018
It’s time to bully
She just wanted to see what Link naked
That’s gonna hurt in the morning
Ross didn’t deserve to die ;-;
I can’t help but find this page adorable
An entire year of waiting and it turns out to be a pile of shit, thanks Pedervix
Oops I missed two Sundays in a row, my bad

Thanks to Punchy for making my text boxes since my windows computer was out of commission for a bit
Hey man, finders keepers
Don't take closed roads
That’s a lot of fur