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when you can't have an animated avatar of your waifu
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    The Walrus
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That’s a lot of fur
Hardcore Parkour
@Lord Enigma: it happens man, I’m glad you care about it
@King_Rover: That's fair
God fucking damnit

I saw this updated and I knew, I KNEW why but I hoped for otherwise
It seems you used you’re instead of your
I uh, don’t really get the joke

Is it that he has a mustache?
Just once it’d be nice if they gave up
Neither Wario nor Waluigi have ever seen blood in their life.
It’s always time for an ‘I told ya so’
I'm glad Sammy's having a good time now, I was wondering if he'd show up again
Let the man listen to his Christmas tunes
Plot twist
Shoutout to simpleflips