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The comic is being taken over by GirlMadeofTears, a lovely little lady who has some very interesting ideas for the series! The series WILL be split into two different ideas, because she was sort of like "well, these are both interesting ideas, why not just do fucking both???" and I was like :oooooo And so here we are!!!

You can read the new comic here :
And I believe she's going to be updating on Tapas as well! I don't know if she set up the profile for it there, yet.

A little about the reboot: Characters have changed- for the better!! There's more diversity in her comic, and all of the people feel ... more real? But, she wants to keep the humor true to the original, with a lot of silly stuff and fourth wall breaks. The plot is different, it's crime related, now. And while we have gotten rid of Hector in this version ( :'( ) we have the addition of June! Robyn is also a different sort of character in this one, and i'll tell you RIGHT now that Ghost is not going to be taken advantage of, it's a big conflict change decision that once she laid it out for me.. it makes a lot of sense.

So go check it out, I know for a fact that it's going to be great! This isn't her main comic project at the moment, but she agreed to tackle this anyway, and she's a pretty reliable and communicative person. Also, she's super nice so feel free to go say hello!

(also, this is the most finished version of this pic I could get her to give me. I never realized how much Eames' original hair didn't make sense until I watched someone with a different art technique try to draw it!!!)
Hello! To those of you who are reading this, and have stuck this out, thank you so much! You mean a lot, and I'm so happy! So, I have some good news, and a question!

Good News: I have some new projects in the work! Like, actually. One of them is an epic adventure with a group of 7 very different individuals going on a quest to save the world that they live in- for reasons all of their own. I'm drawing out the story that's already almost at it's conclusion, so you know that it's all pretty much planned out! I'm going to re-write the format, just to make it easier to draw, but I've already gotten the OK from the person I wrote the story with!

Question: I've re-worked Untitled. Like, completely! Though, the personalities of the characters and their "powers" have transferred to a world where EVERYTHING changes. Like the character with Eames' ability is a female, and only that character and Hector's new character knew each other since childhood.
Now, I AM going to do that story- no matter what. However, it's not Untitled anymore. The original characters just.. don't exist. SO. What I was going to ask, was would any of you be interested in a more slice-of-life/paranormal kind of story with the original Eames and Ghost? Though, there will be no more "abilities" and everything would be a little different. And I'd have to write it out.. but, I'd be willing to because I miss my boy.
Or, are you all just fine with the new Re-Work? It's really cool, it's post-apolocolyptic, but with demons not zombies and a lot of bad-assery. It's also substantially better written than Untitled ever was (I'm years out of highschool now, and Untitled started when I was very young in highschool).

Thank you, you guys!
It's been a while! But uh, here I am. I still haven't re-done untitled yet because it's being annoyingly difficult to decide how and write and end up happy with it. So, in the mean time, I thought to reccomend a different comic that you all may like, if you enjoyed this
It's brand new. Go check it out if you want! Sorry for the long wait with Untitled, again.
I finally started to draw again.. this isn't finished, it's a WIP. Didn't shade the bone staff, didn't add any floaty crystals, there's no highlights ANYWHERE, and there's no BG... but so far? I'm really, really liking the way it's turning out.

Anyway, this is Yanai, he's a mage, and he's a cutie pie. I saw this picture on the interwebs, and it was this GIRL doing this pose (kind of anyway, she was standing a bit more upright with her chest out, and her hands were turned a little different) and the BONES. God, it was perfect. I had this idea for Yanai's staff, cause he's a Seer, but of Death (this is all a story that's been in my head, and only explained to my friend Mushi so). The staff was gonna be made out of disjointed bones that looked almost inky, and that moved fluidly like they were tied together by a thin thread, and it has all these lovely purple things. Well... this picture was like perfect??? So I used it as a ref, is what I'm saying. No, I didn't copy it, I stopped tracing shit once I made it through an entire card-captor sakura book in like second grade. Buuuuut, I explain this story, because I don't actually know where I got the picture. So if this looks familiar to anyone, and you have a link for me, I'd LOVE it if you could shoot it to me. I'd like to put it up here to credit the artist, because I did draw the inspiration for this particular picture from their work.

Anyway, have a cute little mage-y-poo. I'm leaving college this coming friday, only two days left! Tomorrow morning is my last final. So, I'll hopefully be able to draw a LOT more, and even start up another comic. I have too many ideas, I can't really pick one (it's such a problem). I wanna do this rendition of Untitled, but coming up with a very cohesive plot for these characters is like impossible, cause they're tied together in odd ways. It'll come eventually, though, don't worry. I might start a project in the meantime, just to keep my hands busy while I continue to try to iron out Untitled. Maybe I'll be able to do that sooner though, who knows. Either way, major story and character changes so it's sort of like *shrugs*.
@xForeverRedx: Yeah... I suppose. It's just hard, considering I've had shitty people experiences in the past, and had a hard time trusting for a long time. Then, I trusted him... and he did this. So... It's hard. But, thank you for taking the time to comment and wish me good things, it means a lot.

@shadowpen: I suppose so. It's hard to believe. Thank you for the good wishes.
Hey guys!

Well, I have some good news, eh news, and some life news that you're free to skip. As always, though, it explains the other news.

The eh news is that this remake is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I haven't even made another update on my progress.. and it's been a month! But, I'm still in the process, and it IS happening, so it's not bad news.

The LIFE news (since it explains why there is even eh news) is that college is.. happening. I have a lot of work to do, and I have things going on. For example, I got drunk Tuesday night in my (now ex)boyfriend's room. I woke up the next day to find out that, despite all of our conversations about what I wanted and what i was and was not ready for, we had sex. He hadn't drank any alcohol at all.. not a drop. I blacked out... and you can all draw your own conclusions as to what to call that, or what that means. Things like this had happened before, not sex but sexual activities, when I was black out drunk, but I had always told myself it was ok because he cared about me. Just like I did Wednesday, when he told me what happened. It sort of went out the window on Thursday, when he dumped me. He told me that I wasn't confident enough, and was "too liberal" (despite us NEVER talking about politics because they don't exactly interest me, and I don't think I know enough about them to talk on them). He also said he had been thinking about dumping me for a week already. I was supposed to go home with him and meet his parents the next day.

Anyway... onto the good news. I AM in the process of making Hector's new character concept. I had started it last week, but... things happened, and I haven't been able to concentrate on much of anything. It is getting done, though!! I'm having some issues with his outfit, so if there's any sort of steampunk/assassin gear that you like that you think should somehow have elements incorporated into it, feel free to toss ideas at me!

Thanks again to everyone that's sticking around. Hope to see you all soon with some actual art!
@Aiseiri: Wow, thank you. I actually really, really appreciate this... it was a real treat to check on this comic, this morning, and have this comment pop up. This makes me feel 100% better about myself and my ability to draw and create comics... and I just got up! Thanks a bunch, I'll carry the small bit of sweetness throughout my day :>
@warren1965: If this is about Eames' dick, or something about the picture, keep in mind that the style of that vest hits maybe his bellybutton, and cloth bunches in weird ways.
I did this cause I needed a distraction, couldn't bring myself to actually work, and needed to STOP PLAYING THAT DAMNED DINOSAUR GAME... here's Eames. And here's a link to the fullsize image
Here's what I was feeling for Ghost's re-design, as well as a peek of what he does. Heh heh. Sorry it's been so long, I have a 20 page story to write, along with all my other class work. It's been rough. I almost didn't finish this, also, considering my boyfriend just dumped me because of my gender.. despite me telling him about it very early on? Ah well, right? I drank a whole cup of Pepsi, it's been that sort of 24 hours, haha. Hope you all are doing well.

Also, here's the original size, if you want to see this picture.. not shitty quality?
@Nemuru0: Aww that's sweet, I think? Well thank you for the feedback, andd letting me know what you think. Thanks for commenting in general! I'm definitely getting back into this comic very soon, and I'm debating if I want to do greyscale or if I want to color it. I might do greyscale with only hints of color in certain scenes even, I haven't decided the feel or dynamic I want ON the actual pages. I HAVE started to re-design characters (wait till you see what Eames looks like~) within a reasonable bounds, and in this new edition the powers will play a MUCHHHHHHH bigger role. Like finally. Seriously.
Though, it's a lot more actiony, and it's a HUGE transition from this slice-of-life thing that this has going on... but I'm going to enjoy it a lot more, which is what's important. I hope that you, and others, can enjoy it a lot more with me, though~!
College is going tough, but I'm trying to make time for this comic once everything has settled down a little bit more, and I get in the groove of balancing my time for studying and projects, and new friends. So thanks for being there, this comment actually really made my night, since the past two days have been shit :> so thanks~
@MaryAndersson: Alright. Thank you for the input. :>

@warren1965: Haha thanks. Untitled's always been for me and me alone (as much as I love you guys), so I know what you mean completely.

@shadowpen: Ahhh that's what I was thinking! and thanks~!
Oh shit it's been a month ahahaha...
Uhm, well, hi. It's been a while, yeah? Well- it started with a huge art block that I didn't draw at ALL for a while and almost gave it up completely, and then school started to kick my ass before I ever started. I'm going to college, again, in case anyone's wondering, so I'm starting the spring semester. I'm going up there to DORM tomorrow, actually, this will be a first so uh wish me luck?
Anyway- Untitled. It's.. not what I want it to be. I'm NOT ENDING IT- I REPEAT: I AM NOT DISCONTINUING UNTITLED. This shit's my baby. What it also is, though, is the product of a very influenced high schooler. I started to make this story and plan it when I was in 11th grade.. I was only what- 16 (my birthday's in august)? It wasn't that long ago, but I've grown a lot since then and I've like to think that I've matured and got a better grip on story telling, and more realistic character traits. There's a LOT of things in Untitled that I cannot stand, but that I can't go back and fix within the story as it is.
So, what I'm rambling about (with horrible writing, I know), is that for NOW this comic is under construction. I'm going to come back with this re-written, with hopefully more laughs, more tears, and MUCH better character development. You'll see a lot more of each character and who they really are- you'll especially see more of Hector and Thi, and Ghost's personality will finally come to light. The genre itself will probably change (there will be a lot less slice of life, and the story will turn darker and grittier and more fantasy-esque), but that's my own personal preference. I have that right as an author and I'm exercising it now! Muahahaa.
Anyway.. that's the reason the update's taken so long. I'm going to try and get back on the ball with drawing, even though there's school, and I'm SURE I'll write a lot cause I'm majoring in creative writing. So, yeah! If you wanna keep up with me in general, there's always my tumblr
you can ask questions and stuff there, too, my ask box is always open. I'll also be posting new character designs and stuff as I go on. Or, if you want to follow just the art (even though I don't use this account as much really, and I post art on tumblr tagged as 'my art') my deviantart account is
anyway- hope to see you guys soon! Also- if you could just comment below if you'd rather I eventually delete these pages and start on the same comic profile, or if I should make a new one here on SmackJeeves, that would be awesome! I'm leaning towards brand new, but I mean, then people have to follow it ahahaha.
@YukixKaname1: Ahh thank you <3 this comment made me smile a lot

@warren1965: you too

@shadowpen: Lol thanks, you too <3
I was watching the movie "Elf" and I had to draw Jacey in that lingerie that Buddy bought for his "special someone". I'll finish it eventually, fully colored, but I have no motivation lately... like at all...

BUt anyway, happy Holidays to all of you! Even if this isn't a happy time of the year for you, I hope you all get through it and find a little light these days.
December 20th, 2015
Sorry you haven't been feeling great, it's really wonderful you were able to power through it though, I'm glad to see this back.
ALso, he's such a butthead, this blondie >_>
December 20th, 2015
@CrazyaNinja: lol thank you, little eames is pretty cute
December 6th, 2015
@TheGhostOfMe: LOL nice ENOUGH.. and for now XD

@Guest: Awww thank you! THat's really, really sweet, I appreciate it lots

@shadowpen: lol thanks

@martathecat102: J's ALWAYS nice.. 'sept when he isn't XD

@DatQueenDoe: lol omg I will never draw Yaoi hands if I can help it, but no- that hand is off but everything is off lately. What I meant (and I'll just write it cause I don't think anyone realized) is that I had to change Will's last name. If you go back, I changed one of the pages, where his last name WAS "smith", and I made it "Lee" now. Why? Because some how, in the long long while that I had spent building up William, it never once occurred to me that I freaking named him WILL SMITH
Thanks btw
December 5th, 2015
It's really, really funny to me to color this, cause when I line everything Jacey is SO unexpressive, then I shade and it's like he's a scared little deer.
Except in the third panel. That's an "oh shit" face.

ALSO... i'll give points to anyone that can tell me what's wrong with Will, and why I laughed at myself today and almost punched myself in the face. I fixed it- but it was really a "omg smudge" moment
@shadowpen: Ghost is a nerd for food loooool