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Seagull. Such a deep and rich in character.
I am actually a shop assistant now whenever I help customers by using a step I feel like I'm not reaching my true shop assistant potential. Thanks
Hypocricy one of the benefits of being a town
Scenes like this make it hard to believe Mel is a dude
Am I the only one who has to laugh at the fact that one of the cutest characters (Hobart) was called Van Diemen's land

doesnt seem to fit her character, but history is as history was written
This just reinforces why I love Hobart so much in this comic

Just in all the chaos she remains the little girl that doesnt care

The world needs more Hobarts
Aren't we all?
finally, Neko has defeated his arch nemeses. Optimus Prime has been beaten, a proud day for all of us
Why does this one strip leaving me picturing Gar (comic one) dancing really badly?
@Tex we have already seen the effects of dairy and Sidekickman, he ate ice cream and then the ctuhulungs and Alice's sink things happened
Gonna be honest here.

I think this is the only place on the internet where you can see cat butts without having to delete your search history.
Is it wrong that after seeing this I wonder what bummy tastes like?

(the purple blob)
Am I the only one who noticed Maisy quoted Murphy in the little corner icon?

Murphy said that exact phrase of "yes" during the happy Mal and Twines day comic
Now I finally have something to show people when I tell them McJefferstein is my hero

I spy with my little eye, five bummy
I worked out this was fake, but I still spent about an hour watching it.

Don't know if I love this more or the "scritch scritch scritch" one
I don't think that would support Keno and Murphy's case

If Neko knew, then he'd expect Murphy to stick around and eat more food, more of Neko's food.
I was thinking of this long before I started reading this.

Everyone else said i was crazy. But if Neko teams up with me then i wont be crazy