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what to say? this site saved me from my yaoi withdrawal. originally, the only reason i got an account was to get rid of the damn ads. but now i wanna keep reading all this awsome manga!! some of it's as good as the stuff i hadta pay $9.99 for. this site is BIG improvment on that waste of my money.
Oh yeah!!!
anyone looking for a writer for their manga, pm me cuz im not confident about my art nor do i hav any computer programs that deal with manga or anything else (and my scanner sucks). so yeah. i've got plenty of ideas, or i can work on an idea of urs!! just if ur interested!
ps-- my name is izzy. i wondered if anyone would read all this... probably not! x(
oh, and.... um, i think that's it.
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i just reread the entire comic from the beginning and let me say DAYUMN!!!! this is INTENSE
lol go honesty XD
shucks. well, it is siv's fate to be poked by a stick eventually.... *smirks at potential second meaning*
so adorable!! i don't wanna wake up from this dream ;]
so he... seduced him?!?!!? *grins creepily*
he's still handsome and that's what matters ;]
ohh the suspense!! the eyes of the deer are suspicious; is it suspicioius?!?! XD ur style is great!
wait you can seriously catch a feraligator there? which version!?!?
poke him with a stick?
crappy my ASS. this and the previous page are intensly AWESOME in skill levels and prettyness and other words i might make up/misspell
i want moar >.>
lol stinky feet attack is followed by bonding?!? im soo confused. ie, UPDATE AGAIN!!!!! ur cliff hangers r driving me crazy!!! i wantz moar moar moar >:3
im with neogirl!! i was suspecting siv from the get-go!!! gosh darnit >m< i will go off and pout now until u update...
ohohoho is this a triangle of luv i see before my eyes?
oooh he should eat the wasabi and run around like his mouth is on fire!! it happened to my freshman year english teacher first time she ate sushi ;D
hhahahaaa i love this!! +fav :D
it's even funnier cuz i know a guy named xander... and he's nothing like ur character :3 hooray for fictional people!!
yes we are~~~ especially since ur characters are so open about it, it's hecka refreshing :3
those are some fine looking menz i see before mine eyes..... lol and the limerick was great ;]
dem hands are FAR superior to anything im capable of, so don't sweat it ^^
besides, this is fucking awesome so lov--PLOT CONQUERS ALL!!!
MOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR D:< immmediately, if possible
this comic is logic. i lov logic. we met and hav no friends --> ie we r best friends. WIN.