One day, I'll be awesome
Okay so I know I've been having a hard time to keep updating regularly, but I have to put a lil' stop to this webcomic. I'm having a surgery soon and it takes at least one month to recover. So Imma take that month to fully relaxe and I'll be back either the 18th or 25 of June. Wish me good luck !
I hope you'll like what I do ;u;; !
Oh damn
Guess who'll restart this comic. heheh yeah it'S me. since the con is done and everything in my life is okay, I'll restart to draw this webcomic. I hope you'll still ike it as much as I do ;u; anyways ! see you next update c;
Here I am updating again ;u; I had a lot of doubt about this webcomic. I didn't know if I wanted to continu it or not and I wasn't really happy about the finished page. So here's what I'll do: I'll draw in a different art style that will be easier for me and more natural looking. I'll also try to change the panels so that they look more dynamic. And I'm still thinking about this, but maybe the webcomic will turn in white and black. Anyways ! I'm back again èuè
Since that school is done, I'll go back to regular updates !
Thanks to everybody who read my webcomic ;u; I feel so good to know that there's people who appreciate what I do.
Sorry for last Sundy, I was out of town.
I wanted to make a double update, but I got lazy
February 13th, 2016
Mertale: the love story of Frika and the ground
Here it is, finally ;u; ! I've been working on that webcomic for like 2 years and I truly hope that you will like it as much as I do.
I can't wait to see what's next !!!
(( hiatus again =v='' ))
Lukanu isn't ready for you talk today
@dmellieon: Fireworks in winter is really amazing ... and really cold XD hope you'll get to see you one day !
Kane, what are you doing.
Don't mess with Lukanu
(( update everyday until friday ))
I think they would go to a fancy restaurant, but will enventually fuck shit up amd get kicked out. They would probably laugh about it and then go to a fast food and finish the night with some cuddle and a kiss under the fireworks