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the guy that likes webcomics
the name says it all I like to read and possibly commend on great comics.
Hey is the baby in the first panel Renee of her sister?
That’s a sure way to break your leg
DC can’t even get states rights in webcomics it seems.
She should teach Max Magic
people joke about Warhammer being expensive, but if you take a step beck and compare it to say gaming it might be cheaper in the long therm. Sure the miniatures cost a lot but the once I bought 10 years ago are still as playable today you cant say the same of games. only the codex's get outdated eventually but you can download those easily these days.
Max first reaction to the thing is preparing to fight it, awesome
how are people going to look at Kor la when he gets back?
Max must have a pretty awesome set of scars on his torso. It was only his arm that got skin grafted right?
@Spino: I suspect she was initially created to be a one time character but people, myself included, liked her so much she kept coming back. I still think she is quite amusing.
I hope Max keeps an awesome scar on his torso, he earned that
I think he just found himself a new means of transportation.
Come on Max show us your He Man impersonation.
Sometimes you forget that he is probably the most dangerous character in this series.
Why’s max surprised that things still lives he kills it every year right
I thought Max cracked that coach skull open
that face really sais it all
if he need pokemon why doesn't he just take all those poor sods who are forever trapped in George's box. Serving rocked might be better than letting them rot there
Johnson really looks like guts wearing that cloak. I like it
I don’t get it what is abbey
i never understood why izzy didn't just soundproof a few rooms. Like her sisters bedroom for instance.
@RazorD9: I think that is because Max vision is somehouw related to people’s internal struggle or history. I don’t think raccoons have that