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I love Pokemon. I'm on Vizzed and FanFiction and WattPad. Not much else, but I play the Viola.
I get the thing about constant redrawing. You keep getting better with every time you draw so redrawing forces you to want to keep redrawing. I agree it was pretty obvious Digimon reference.
Is that really what happened in the games? I can barely handle a roller coaster without saying 'I'm gonna die.'
@Guest: The comic can always continue to events and legends!
I want Toxin to evolve in a chubby Beedrill! Kidding, that wouldn't be good for battling, but great for teasing.
That Rocket chick is smarter than him! Who is ahead, you or Lads?
Ooooo mysterious generator! What so you do kind machine?
yay PokeSpe References!
I remember that! Did Lads help Falkner catch Skarmory too?
I like how this is set up, your drawing is really great! It kinda reminds me of the manga, except 'Gold' is less mature, and 'Crys' doesn't kick as much.
@TheKometh: Kiki looks like she is staring into my soul... *transfixed*
I actually would pay for it as long as it didn't harm the Pokemon. Which, in most ones I read, it does, so I wouldn't in reality.