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I love writing stories. All kinds but my favorites are fantasy. If any one needs a writer for a comic come any time.
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Again I love his hair like this he looks so good!!
I love this hair for herz
Those cheekbones could still cut diamonds
Not gonna lie hoping for a lil bit of grinding
You know it makes me really happy though to see how far Brynn has come friend wise with russel i think its pretty awesome how he is now able to tell him hes got bad news and relax on him.
Is it bad that i like age gaps like arco's and brynns?? 4 or 5 years between the two.
Anyone else love how small Brynn is compared to Arco??? Cause i really do!!!
Look at brynn he's so cute!!!
i mean...can he really be angry?? He was about to do the same
Do he got da booty?!?!?!?!
He's got them legs for days bruh
Welp that hurts the heart
How do you pronounce his name? is it MI or ME just curious
The angry comments are funny but yeah...i dont like we have the same name...
Awwww poor brynn something dramatic is about to happen that storm says something and so did the chapter cover im excited!!
@Mccull61: Barely legal!!!
How old are the two of them though?? I am wondering that now.
Just why?!?! XD Ths just made my day!!!
Da booty!!!
November 21st, 2015
Will those two still get together in the end?