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I like this manga. It looks professionally done and I'm interested to see how Nakahara and Hagiwara interact in the future.
Nice drawings. I wonder what will happen between them next. Will they become friends again? Will they try something more? Or will they find other friends?
Good drawings and the plot sounds like it would be interesting. I hope you continue:)
Nine has such beautiful eyes! :) I really like the mix of color. His bigger canines are a nice touch too. And he seems like such a happy guy. I really enjoy reading about him. I enjoy Dice too. I think he's a nice balance for Nine. I'm liking the story so far. I'm interested to see where it goes from here! Thanks for sharing:)
This is really cute. I wonder which one is going to figure out what is really going on first:)
Wow, wonder how he's going to take it. At least Val admitted it. Taking responsibility for his actions and all that. Beautiful artwork as always:)
Amazing story so far. I really love your drawing. I tried to visit the website you gave but got an error. Is the website no longer up? Great job!
Hmm, maybe an insert isn't needed at every shift, now that we know who he is. Maybe just the first time. Grr, I don't know. I was trying to give a suggestion so no one would be confused but maybe you should just leave it as is. I figured it out and everyone probably will too.

Again, great drawings and I'm liking the story with Kin.
Absolutely beautiful drawings. I especially like the one of him relaxing in the chair after running up the stairs. I am finding the story harder to follow when you switch focus from one character to another. We were with a detective and now we're back to Sho. If you had an insert or title page mentioning the switch I think that would help a lot to clear up the confusion.
Hurrah! That's good thinking.
Beautiful in human form also. Nice job!
And there's the catch. Only one night! Is it worth it?
Uh oh, I see a wish being granted.
Beautiful drawings. I like the style and the story so far.
Aww, he has to kill the tiger. That stinks.
Beautiful tiger. He definitely stands out:)
That actually looks like a very comfortable position:) Things people do in the name of sex.
Aww, I wasn't expecting this cute turn. It's nice and them barely fitting in the tub was cute too.
omg, he caught a bullet and then crushed the gun. Is he a hidden superhero or what? And give for Sou a chance.
He looks ready to kick some ass:) He looks pretty impressive, especially with the goggles.