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KAI!! You made my sides hurt with that tumblr post!

Also, that car is fantastic. . . I HATE YOU! *runs off crying with jealousy*
So romantic. <3
Maika is crazy. @w@

Your art is so lovely! <3 So nice that you finished the prologue!
"It's the microphone! It has to be!"

... Matryoshka. :D
Oh god, I love this comic.

And I love Ve's kira kira desu eyes. (there's freaking hearts in them)
HUSH GIRL! He be concentratin'!
Oh, without seeing what he was doing, he looked like he was sulking. xD
Oh no, there's a sulking guy!

Shoujoshoujoshoujo! xD
B'aaww, it's so perfect!
It's just so pretty. <3
Yay! More Hiwatari work!

Your comics are the best.

(First fan!!)

Also, it's very exciting that Akatsuki Manga is up now! :D
Wait, if her husband just died, shouldn't she be a bit more hysterical? D:
Your new icon makes me dizzy. @ A@
Awww! My teeth are rotting with the sweetness! :D
That's exactly what turned me off...
Um... ;;;;
On behalf of protecting my intellectual property (from the previous post that I overlooked) I think I may want to take Angel with me... xD ;;;;
I guess it wouldn't hurt.

It's the least I could do since I'm just up and ABANDONING YOU ALL! D:

Not really, I'll still stick around to see what you guys are up to, I just won't have the obligation to post any more comics... So, not much will have changed. xD

Last comic I posted was in February. ;;
The dreaded day
I figured since I don't come here ever anymore, I might as well formally say my goodbyes.
I've had a great time with everyone, so sorry I have to leave!

I hope you'll all forgive me and never forget me, as I will never forget you! ; u;
The dreaded day
I figure... I haven't been around for a while. I decide to formally say good bye.

I hope you can all forgive me and never forget me, as I will never forget you! ; u;

Was that a dramatic enough exit? <3