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Hey, guys princessprt here and welcome to my Smackjeeves profile. I hope to upload a Smackjeeves comic or image every Tuesday. Click on the link at the bottom of this description. Hope you have a lovely day.
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Have you heard of #PokeTeamChallenge
its pretty cool
Question to N
Soooo, Favorite color?
Have you heard of #PokeTeamChallenge
Its a New pokemon Challenge and it would be pretty interesting to see what you do with it
you ok? its 2018 now
guess she figured out how to land
have you seen the new hat meme?
Its really cool.
hey i have a question
How would they react to askers or just people from the comment section?
If your to lazy to do it alone
@Falconer: have him draw it with you.
Sasha has grown
To which i would like to point out that sasha`s entire journey is to become champion if Sasha becomes champion there is no reason to force their pokemon to fight to which their constantly endangered. Then what would happen if they failed. First off if Team Plasma wins then there is no need to fight except maybe to protect. The entire point is that both sides offer protection for sasha`s pokemon.
funny thought
what would the rest of the cafe think of if he walked in and mana pops out of the bag thinking she went with him but he actually took her to her work place.
@carrotchipper:do you mind if i do a quick lets play video of it on my youtube channel?
@Falconer: she`s giving you short storys where the victmn is up to the reader
@Falconer: I do along with a USB power strip that has it's own plug so it can get power from the strip and still work with the computer. Also, There are multiple extension cords for different things and many converters that can work.
i thought he was proposing to her
Try a surge outlet
you know the one where you can change things up because of the length
Darwin award people
Just came back from a stupidity post of a feminist claiming to "save rap" because a man nearby saved her from drowning (he didn`t do anything, he just pulled her out of the water and performed CPR)
Save rap is where a victmn almost drowns then another person saves then but they sue because the victim didn't give consent to be touched or to be saved.
Can you make a comic out of this? I believe the so-called victims of save rape. It's mostly feminist.
BTW how would your characters react to feminist and save rape?
new pokemon game anoucned
@Daz Keaty: what do you think about the new Pokemon's game that`s coming out Christmas?
I`ll be back when i can donate 20 dollars. Gotta go work on stuff
is it bad
that i have no clue about whats being talked about