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Hey, guys princessprt here and welcome to my Smackjeeves profile. I hope to upload a Smackjeeves comic or image every Tuesday. Click on the link at the bottom of this description. Hope you have a lovely day.
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Heres Some ideas
@Falconer: While building a Nursery is out of the picture perhaps buy Gender Neutral Clothes along with Some Toys and set some boxes up to contain the baby stuff So you dont have to go shopping later. Why not try to learn a new language on Duolingo, Why not try to learn new skills, why not try to make a new craft or why not put a spin on the tropes you've seen so far? Here's one that might work why not see about searching for a place and compare it to your current one. Which one seems better
I hope the dude who said Make out city gets stabbed
What type of plant ya got there?
it almost seems like the universe in the comic is basically telling her not to go...most of the time its a good idea to listen.
Aqua has been taken
@Mega: They already have aqua and im sad that he's gone.perhaps dual colors or perhaps another orangish one?
in all honesty
you know it probably isnt
yeah planning to see the movie
mostly because i wanna see the pokemon facials, espeically jigglypuff
Hobo is the Dark Overlord.
Lemon Kid keeps an eye on harold for Hobo.
Hobo is Wallis and Harold's Dad...
Must resist the urge to cheer and say i told you do to a friend...BRB
You know the character's going to try and come back
It would be interesting to see how the others dealt with him though
Let me get this Straight
Hobo is actually the D.O that lemon kid mentioned when lemon kid first appeared. So the ENTIRE TIME. I am excited for how this turns out
I really Hope...
There wasn't a Pokemon in that pokeball.
Wat is even going on
wait is he the person harold was trying to summon earlier except it didn't work because he was already in the area???
have you tried
the game known as portal knights?
@Falconer: quick question is this a reference from a game if so which one?
if your out of ideas
you could always do #PokeTeamChallenge from Youtube.
Have you heard of #PokeTeamChallenge
its pretty cool
Question to N
Soooo, Favorite color?
Have you heard of #PokeTeamChallenge
Its a New pokemon Challenge and it would be pretty interesting to see what you do with it
you ok? its 2018 now
guess she figured out how to land