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September 7th, 2007
Eee~ An update!! *does happy dance* Glad to see this is still going!
Awwww Mishi's so cute! *glomps the butterfly*
August 25th, 2007
It's amazing how he can be so happy and joyful one moment and pissed off the next. XD
That girl (as I'm assuming >->) gives me a bad feeling.
August 13th, 2007
Your style is so good! That's a cute expression in the last panel and I love the shadowing in the second. ^w^
Woo Prince! ^^ This is so cute!
First comment!
Aw~ Ross gots competition. XD
I'm a wall <3
Rabid nerd attack! Eee!! XD
Talk about patience. ^~^ Heheh.
Richard sees all. o.o Hopefully he won't be a jerk, tho.
Wow. I read all of this in one sitting. This is a real page-turner and so hilarious!! And there goes Hell Lady, making Xin all worried. <3 lol
I just know I'll have nightmares if I start reading this, especially since it's based on true events.
Damn my horror fetish!!
AW. Love at first sight~! ^-^
A KH comic?? XD Schweet!
And if you're having problems with Mangastudio, maybe you should try Comicworks. ^^
Awww. +faves
Yesh! SasuNaru!!
Like the scarf, btw. :)
Heheh. He's so smart--and cute. *giggles like a schoolgirl* o-O
I don't know what you mean! Personally, I <3 his smile! Or perhaps a smirk is more his style? (Rhyme??) Herm... >.>
I <3 him already. XD
Cute, but a tad bit slow. XD I <3 collared guys~

I'm guessing he's in his late 20's...
Great cover!
I'm just gonna...stare a bit longer...