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So....I'm the new sonicstar4453. If you remember me, yay! If you don't, well, hello to you. :)
I'm currently WAY more active on
and my tumblr >>eevyerndracaneon
and my art tumblr >>theconfusedanimal
and my daily Pokemon blog >>dailyhoundournlitten
and my ask Pokemon blog >>askforceofnature
and my ACNL blog >>eevyerncrossing
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Are all the gym leaders Brock's younger siblings? :o
That Sliggoo/Gible is just too cute omg. >u<
If that's not depressing I don't know what is. ;-;
I was expecting this to be a normal Pokemon comic.

But you just threw a curve ball at me with this. XD

I was not expecting an animatronic arm. I wonder what happened...? :0
....I'd buy the bag.

....Then again I love Ghosts.
I'm going to ask this and plenty of others have probably already asked...

Where's the updates at? ;-; I loved the first book to death and I wanna see how this one turns out. ;3;
I just love your art style. :D Especially how you draw bigger characters like Del and Wigglytuff!
Wow Chatot. That was quite rude of you. :c
Oh my I love this comic so much already. <3 The art style is beautiful and I'm already super interested in the story. :3