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Hi, I like drawing and angsty stuff

I also like funny and ass-rainbows.

I love my comics but don't update as much as I should, because I draw really slow. Like Leonardo da Vinci. He took 6 years to finish some of his work. At least I'm not that bad :D
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Wow! This comic is REALLY good! You can tell you worked hard on it =O I like it. I can't wait to see more of it

I just have one issue, and it's with the text >.<;; It's kind of hard for me to read at times ;-;...
Wow. D: Not that I want to get involved in this or anything but... The Hell?

So first off a couple of people got banned instantly for giving their opinion (be it harsh or otherwise), and yet then THROUGHOUT the entirety of this page ~other people~ have said the same (and worse) than those who got banned, and yet still remain? <.<;

And then, the point about other comics getting much more abuse and nothing ever getting done about it...

I guess my main complaint for this is just, the double standards D: The going back on the rules stated in ToS (e.g. the flaming not being a serious offense thing), and then the banning and not keeping to this new 'no tolerance' rule... And my guess is that's probably why other people are upset about this happening too :|

I have no comment on why the people got banned in the first place, and I don't want to get dragged into it, but that's just my concern *shrugs*

To be on topic to the author:
Nice try =D We all need to start somewhere. My only advice is to experiment with tools on whatever application you're using to make your comics with, I bet you'll find some great effects to jazz up your comic
I don't want anything more coming from this.
Wow, thanks dragonfire! xD
Wow if someone did that to me I'd be all "Well this frying pan shall help you discover the perfect face. Gtfo"
It was meee!
It sure was :D Merry Christmas, all!

To Kira-Lin, I'm so glad you like it! You can do whatever you wish with it, it's your Christmas present so go nuts :D
Oh my Gosh!
This is beautiful! I'm so happy! Thank you to whoever drew this, this is truely amazing! Wow xD I'm shocked. Just, thank you so much! Best Christmas gift ever!
Thanks Seiramu xD I love you too.
I'm sorry I haven't updated in the past couple of weeks, a lot of crazy stuff has been happening in my life and it's made sitting down to draw BDE quite difficult. One thing imparticularly is the fact my fiancee is leaving to join the military very shortly, so please understand.

But the comic isn't dead and I haven't forgotten about it, or everyone who's waiting patiently for the next page. I'm slowly working on it. But I haven't abandoned this.

This is the end of my filler. Thanks to everyone who's sitting tightly and waiting
This is also a cameo page of my best friend Nikki's character, Cyrillia! She's the pink vampire who's temporarily a fairy.
No problem, it's something a lot of people will assume I think..
That's not a smiley face, that's his ribs and man boobs
How does Alex draw smiley faces on himself...?
Here's a cameo of Tah, Solo: Mecha Lord Form's character! :D
Fan Art for Niki
Since she did a lovely job doing fan art, I decided to do her some fan art! So this is her character from her comic, Incantation! Check it out, it's a good comic.
Fan art done by Nikicus! The web author of many webcomics I frequently read and enjoy. She's an amazing artist! Thank you, Niki!
This is one of the best comics I have ever seen xD I love this so much. Especially how he just... Has the dildo right there
I like MCR
I like them, I listen to them a lot which is why I put them in here