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I mostly just read BL's on here - and I'm not ashamed of that fact!
Unless I know you in real life, in which case; I'm sorry and I am (still not) ashamed. XD
//Attacks you with hugs//
Don't be upsetti, have some spaghetti! (( Unless you don't like spaghetti, then replace it with some you like. :3 ))
I shan't ever leave you, mi amor~! XD //shot 500 times//

Vanilla - I have a bad feeling about this...
I feel like Wyatt's just in the next room over like, "Hoe don't do it."

//shot many times//
Yes, Takashi - realize your mistake and bring Hiro back inside to compensate him for your carelessness... ;D

Oh my gosh! I forgot that you were printing OHK - I just went and wasted all my money on Hot Topic, OHSHC manga, and Torment. DX

Nooooo - Takashi, please, continue. ;u; XD
Tentacles are always a good sign in comics like this. XD ...Right?
March 8th, 2015
Hisato = Me
Misaki also = me.

Depends whether it's my friend or I that's upset. XD
It's cool - you deserve breaks when you keep throwing the dogs (us fans) steaks instead of bones. Hehe - that was a horrible... uh.. analogy? (Lol, I don't know - when I leave school my brain shuts off.)

So... how hot we talkin' here? ;P
My flirting game is strong with cute/hot guys... except I'm to shy to flirt so --- //shot//
March 3rd, 2015
If I was the cashier...
I would have that same face - but then I'd get a sly smile and say, "You two look like a cute couple~!" Just to mess with them.

And that is why I'll probably never get a job. XP
@Quadrant: That being said - he could just use the excuse, "Oh - I decided to dye my hair." CX
*Leans so far forward that my nose touches the ground* i'M LISTENING.

Haha. Ughh - I don't know if I've said this before, but I really do love your art, and how you shade and tone. It makes me jealous! X3
Ah! Mel's artwork is amazing! I'm a fan of Yayoi, too! X3

I love your comic just as much, though. I can't choose favorites. >u<
Awkward friendships are the most uncomfortable friendships. ;n;
Literally my favorite line.
I nearly died of suffocation from laughter. Thank you.

I have a feeling someone is going to punch him in the face, for that last comment. XD
Oh my God. Cute baby #1 and cute baby #2 in the last panel. :P

We pretty much JUST met Natsu, and he's already snuck into my heart.

//eternally and internally ships Hisawa and Natsu??// Heh.
//dies of suffocation from laughing too hard//
February 19th, 2015
//waits patiently for Misaki to walk in on him showering//

And don't worry about missing a day! If you're sick, take a day to chill and eat yummy food and watch your shows - you have the right to relax. :P
@Ereis89: oH. That would be going from 0 to 100 real quick. XD

@Crimson Chains: You don't understand how much I adore your style, anatomy, and expressions. eue
It took me two days, but I finally managed to catch up from the beginning of the comic. ^w^

I really like this story. I just don't know how to explain it. (Words fail me all the time. XD)
Anyway - I'm definitely +fav-ing it.

P.S. I might have to kill Aoki's mom cause dang - she be hella rude. >_>
You go get your adorable wife, Kaoru. -3-
The life of a fangirl who catches up to a great comic is a hard one...

But this comic is totally worth waiting for! ;P
February 17th, 2015
//reads every page in one sitting//
I can't even. The feels are strong with this one. ;u;